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August 2nd, 2022 | Case Study


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Early one Sunday morning in Washington County, a family of five from Hubertus was driving to church headed southbound on State Highway 164. Going north on the same icy road is a flatbed truck being driven by a man who has been plowing snow all night for his employer, a landscaping company. Unfortunately for the Hubertus family, the truck driver lost control of his vehicle, crossed the centerline and hit their SUV. Nobody walked away from the accident without serious injuries and two families were changed forever.

The Hubertus family’s father and 9-year-old son died in the accident and a friend of the family’s children who was riding with them was also killed. During the crash investigation, it was discovered the driver of the truck was an undocumented, illegal immigrant living in Wisconsin.



When you have been injured or have lost loved ones in a car crash, be sure to pick experienced attorneys who will fight for the compensation you deserve. The auto accident lawyers at McLario Firm. will make those responsible for your loss pay what they owe.

Even if the other driver is uninsured, there are ways of recovering damages caused by the crash.

Not all cases are the same and not all attorneys have the skill, experience and willingness to see your lawsuit through to the end. You need expert lawyers on your side to find all liable parties and receive just compensation. For the family from Hubertus, our attorneys secured a $6.9 million payout. You can count on the car crash lawyers at McLario Firm to fight every inch of the way to make sure justice is served.


When somebody causes a car accident while driving a company car or employer-owned truck, the employer may be held responsible for the damages. A skilled car accident attorney will examine the case to determine if the employer is liable for the actions of the driver to ensure maximum payout for the victims.

For example, a landscaping company keeping its employees on the road plowing snow for too long might be responsible for a car crash caused by an overtired employee.

If the accident causes serious injuries, it is highly unlikely the individual driving the vehicle has the assets to cover the judgment. You need to hire an experienced law firm like Menomonee Falls’ McLario Firm. to find the deep pockets behind the accident and receive the compensation you are owed.

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