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Michael L. Bertling – Partner

When you have been injured by the negligence or misconduct of another, you need a litigator with a strong background in personal injury lawsuits who will fight for your rights. Michael Bertling not only has the litigation experience you need, but he also possesses a level of honesty and professionalism to assure you he has your best interests at heart.

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Alan L. Spiegel, Jr. – Partner

You may have come across lawyers who are only interested in “winning for the sake of winning” and have been turned off by their cutthroat attitude. You deserve a Menomonee Falls family law attorney who puts your own interests and those of your family first.

Alan Spiegel, Jr. holds himself to a higher standard than his profession requires because he believes you deserve to be represented by someone who will work hard to protect and advocate for you. Alan offers you peace of mind in knowing that you are represented by a compassionate attorney who will share his informed perspective regarding your situation and work hard to achieve the best result possible.

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David E. Wells – Associate

Whether you need a Wisconsin lawyer for real estate transactions, estate planning, or business formation, your situation is unique. Unfortunately, some lawyers focus on the big picture of your legal proceedings and may miss important nuances.

A member of the legal team at McLario firm, for more than 30 years, Wisconsin attorney David Wells has practiced in almost every area of law at one time or another. This gives him a broad knowledge base with which to assist you in understanding all of the factors which can impact your situation. David Wells will help you uncover possibilities for solving problems which might not occur to someone else.

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Brooke L. Houston – Associate

Brooke is thrilled to join The McLario Firm for the family atmosphere and the opportunity to be more involved with clients, helping them through all of life’s obstacles. Brooke is passionate about building generational relationships with families in the community and The McLario Firm is the perfect place to do so.

Outside of the office Brooke enjoys hiking and exploring Wisconsin, including eating her way through Milwaukee’s restaurants. When not dining out she also is quite the chef. To balance all the eating, Brooke is an avid athlete. You’ll find her regularly picking up a game of volleyball with friends or working on her golf game. Brooke and her significant other have a Corgi, Hank, who is a ball of energy and always the center of attention.

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Maxx L. Forti - Associate

Maxx is passionate about navigating clients through difficult and confusing legal situations. He is committed to providing quality service and tailored solutions for your legal needs. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our firm, specializing from probate and trust administration to business law. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Maxx enjoys golfing and spending time with his triplet sister and brother.

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Joseph H. Helm – Trust Administration

Attorney Joe Helm served the community and the firm as a partner from the early 1980s through October 2021. Although retired, he continues to be of Counsel to the Firm.

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