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Family Law

Menomonee Falls Lawyer Provides Compassionate Family Law Advice For You

If your marriage is ending or you have issues concerning your children, a Wisconsin lawyer experienced in family law may be your best ally.

At The McLario Firm, we understand the sensitivity of family situations. Our Wisconsin family law attorneys will listen carefully to your problems and goals for your family, no matter the issue, allowing us to provide prompt and efficient options for achieving your objectives.

We offer skilled and experienced advice about Wisconsin divorces and legal separations, the resolution of difficult child support or child custody issues, establishing an unmarried parent or non-parent relative’s right to child visitation, adoption issues, and much more.

Contact our Menomonee Falls family law firm today to hear how we can support your legal needs.

Family Services


The end of a marriage can be a distressing time for everyone affected, including yourself, your spouse, and any children involved. Luckily, you can rely on the family law attorneys at The McLario Firm to guide you through a divorce or legal separation, whether you received the summons and petition or you're considering filing. We will advise you of your rights and responsibilities, negotiate marital property division settlements, and resolve questions about the marital or separate character of certain assets. Learn about our Menomonee Falls divorce attorney representation.

Child Custody and Visitation

The McLario Firm understands a divorce or separation can quickly become sensitive when children are involved. Our legal team is here to support you through this challenging experience. We will navigate you through the process of legal and physical custody arrangements for any involved children, all while representing your interests in these agreements. No matter your circumstances, you can rely on our established family law attorneys to guide you.

Support Modification

Your financial or personal circumstances may have changed since your child support order that requires modifications to the agreement. Any requested legal change of a child support order is called a "support modification," which can only be approved by the Court. Our family firm is here to provide legal advice and assistance if you feel your child support order needs to be adjusted.

Name Changes

You or your loved one may want to change your name for a variety of reasons. Legal name change requests can become confusing fast, especially since Wisconsin proceedings for the matter may vary by county. Our attorneys at The McLario Firm can help you or your child get proper legal advice and representation to meet your needs efficiently.


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