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Personal Injury Case Studies

Menomonee Falls Personal Injury Lawyers Win Cash Judgments for Wisconsin Victims

Whether you have been injured in a car crash, motorcycle accident, product liability or medical malpractice, choosing the right personal injury lawyer can mean millions. Settlement clearinghouses will accept the first, lowest offer from the insurance company. Inexperienced law firms might be unable to win top dollar at trial. You need experienced, dependable attorneys ready to go to trial and win. You need McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. Victims of all types of personal injury come to our Menomonee Falls law office for personal attention and proven success. We have helped victims from all over Wisconsin win the compensation they are owed for their injuries. The case studies listed here are real people injured in real accidents who depended on the skilled personal injury lawyers at McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C. to win them real cash judgments and top dollar settlements.


Menomonee Falls Assisted Living Resident Left Injured and Bleeding

Incapacitated Senior Is Abandoned with Compound Fracture by Facility Workers
As medical care improves and people are living longer, families sometimes struggle to provide the necessary care their elderly relatives require. Nursing homes fulfill an important role in society by offering a safe place for elders who need constant medical attention.
When a Menomonee Falls area family needed professional assistance caring for their wheelchair bound relative suffering from dementia, they enrolled her in a local assisted living center.
It came as a shock when they were notified there had been an in…
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Menomonee Falls Car Accident Causes Permanent Disability

High Snowbanks, Slippery Roads and Inattentive Driving Forever Change Germantown Woman’s Life
Wisconsin’s winters are notorious for their heavy snowfalls, slippery roads and dangerous driving conditions. For one Germantown woman driving through Menomonee Falls, they would combine to change her life forever. Unusually heavy snow storms resulted in high snowbanks piling up along the sides of the road. Another motorist was unable to see the woman’s car approaching and turned straight into her driver’s side door.
The impact from the car crash was so severe her vehicle was…
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Unsafe Premises Cause Brain Injury to Eight Year Old Girl

Sussex Child Suffers Permanent Injuries from a Dangerous Staircase
An eight year old girl from Sussex was sitting on a staircase inside a building in Milwaukee when disaster struck and changed her life forever. The spindles holding up the railing were spaced too far apart and she slipped through, falling 16 feet to the hard, concrete floor below.
The basilar skull fracture she suffered required numerous surgeries but, despite the doctor’s best efforts, she was left with a permanent brain injury causing cognitive, behavioral and personality disorders.
Unsettlingly, the building’s…Read More


Illegal Immigrant Kills Three in Wisconsin Car Crash

Icy Roads and a Flatbed Truck Leave Three Dead in Washington County Car Crash
Early one Sunday morning in Washington County, a family of five from Hubertus was driving to church headed southbound on State Highway 164. Going north on the same icy road is a flatbed truck being driven by a man who has been plowing snow all night for his employer, a landscaping company. Unfortunately for the Hubertus family, the truck driver lost control of his vehicle, crossed the centerline and hit their SUV. Nobody walked away from the accident without serious injuries and two families were changed forever.
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