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Wisconsin Lawyers Specializing in Personal Injury Representation and Estate Planning Services

Attorneys Southeastern Wisconsin Relies On for Legal Assistance

Life can change suddenly. Whether it’s a car accident, unexpected divorce or criminal charge for drunk driving, one event can alter everything. When this happens, you don’t have to go it alone.

The Law Offices of McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C. serve southeast Wisconsin with expert legal advice in life’s most difficult situations.
Our Menomonee Falls attorneys understand the position you are in and the concerns you have when hiring a lawyer. People generally do not require a lawyer’s help when things are going well. We seek out attorneys when we are most vulnerable. This is why our law firm was built on the values of integrity, fairness and trust.

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Aggressive, Compassionate Legal Assistance Helps Milwaukee Area Families through Tough Times

Since our law firm’s inception in 1953, our attorneys have provided aggressive legal representation for families and local businesses facing tough situations. Whether you live in Milwaukee itself or one of the neighboring communities like Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Mequon, Germantown, Richfield or Sussex, you can count on getting the attention you need.

Since our very first case, we have always put our clients’ needs above our own.

When you contact our Milwaukee area law firm, your case will be treated like a unique request for assistance. You are a real person with real needs and will be treated like one by our firm. Nobody has time to be passed around an office from paralegal to secretary and back.

You’ll deal directly with an attorney when you retain our law firm.

We do everything in our power to remain accessible for you. The attorney you choose will be the same attorney who represents you throughout your entire case; you’ll never be passed off to an assistant.

Law Firm Near Milwaukee Offers Comprehensive Legal Representation

Lawyer Wisconsin

The legal team at McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C. includes attorneys with many different specializations. This allows us to handle cases involving everything from Child Protective Services to Elder Law. When life happens, there’s always a lawyer in our Menomonee Falls office to help.

Regardless of the situation, we keep you informed throughout your case. If you’re indisposed, we’ll come to you. Our competent and experienced Wisconsin lawyers go above and beyond to build a successful case. We provide aggressive, yet compassionate representation to fight for you in a variety of legal areas. No matter what type of legal needs you have, we never lose sight of our foundation: you are the focus of our practice.

Experienced Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney Fights for You Every Step of the Way

The kinds and causes of injuries are as varied as the people who suffer them. Our law office has successfully argued cases on behalf of our clients earning multi-million dollar settlements and judgments.

If you have been injured due to the actions or negligence of another, you should not be responsible for the resulting bills, loss of work or other financial burdens.

The main types of personal injury cases we take are:

Wisconsin automobile accident attorneys

Car Accidents

Victims of car accidents can have their life forever altered by the carelessness or negligence of another. Our attorneys make sure you receive the money you need to live with lifelong injuries.

Motor Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle wrecks cause severe injuries, often paralysis or death. Make sure you face an uncertain future with the financial resources you need.

Truck Accident Attorneys Wisconsin

Truck Accidents

Big, heavy trucks can maim or kill passengers when a smaller vehicle would only have caused minor injuries. Get the help you need to secure just compensation for injuries due to a truck accident.

Boat Accident Attorneys Wisconsin

Boat and RV Incidents

Recreational vehicles can cause the same kind of injures as full size passenger vehicles. When a boating or RV accident happens, seek legal help to get the money you need to live.

Wisconsin Dog Bite Attorneys

Animal Attacks

Dog bites and other injuries caused by animals can be serious. Wisconsin law holds animal owners strictly liable and victims can collect compensation.

Severe Injury Attorneys Wisconsin

Severe Injuries

Regardless of the cause, amputations, brain injuries and spinal damage are a distinct type of personal injury. Skilled attorneys help secure the money necessary to support yourself and others after a severe injury.

Workman's Comp Attorneys Wisconsin

Workplace Injury

On the job workplace injuries are common in some industries. Make sure you receive the right Workers’ Compensation for your claim.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect of the elderly by facility staff cause injuries up to and including death. If you suspect abuse, be sure to seek legal help immediately.

Wrongful death attorneys

Wrongful Death

Accidents sometimes steal loved ones from us unexpectedly. No court can give you back what’s been taken from you, but the right legal help from a wrongful death can make the years ahead easier to bear.

Farm Accident Attorneys Wisconsin

Farm Accidents

Agricultural work is very dangerous. Whether your tractor tipped over or another piece of farm machinery caused your injury, our attorneys will secure the compensation you are owed for a farm accident injury.

Product Liability Attorneys Wisconsin

Product Liability

Poorly designed, dangerous products can cause serious injuries. Make those responsible pay for the harm they have caused with aggressive legal representation from our Wisconsin product liability attorneys.

Premises Liability Attorneys Wisconsin

Premises Liability

Unsafe locations cause permanent, life-threatening injuries to Wisconsinites. Legal action is often the only way to protect the public and receive restitution for your injuries.

Whether you have been injured in a car crash, workplace accident or through medical negligence, our legal team will aggressively fight insurance companies and other responsible parties for every nickel you deserve.

All Personal Injury Cases Are Taken on a “No Win – No Fee” Basis

The period after any injury is a stressful, difficult time. There are many urgent questions you need to answer, not least of which is, “How will I make ends meet?”

Fortunately, paying for legal support is not something you need to worry about.

Not only is your initial consultation completely free, all of our personal injury cases are taken on a “No Win – No Fee” basis. You owe us absolutely nothing unless we secure just compensation for you. We’ll even pay all the costs associated with preparing your case for trial. You have absolutely nothing to lose by having our attorneys represent your best interests in a personal injury case.

Family Law Attorneys Represent Adults and Children in Wisconsin

Family law takes many forms. Divorce and child custody often take center stage, but there is more to a family than just the adults and who has primary physical placement. Families in and around Milwaukee turn to McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C. for help with legal needs touching their family.

The main family law practice areas we represent are:

Divorce Attorneys Milwaukee


Whether your marriage is ending because you want it to or not, our divorce attorneys help make it end with your best interests in mind.

Child Custody Attorneys Wisconsin

Child Custody

Child custody arrangements have serious consequences for all parties involved. Get the placement you need with the help of our child custody lawyers.

CHIPS and JIPS Attorneys Wisconsin

CHiPS and JiPS Cases

Child and Juvenile Protective Services cases have major ramifications. Be sure to have a Wisconsin Child Protective Services Attorney help navigate the complex process.

Estate Planning Lawyers Help You Draft Wills, Trusts and Title 19 Medicaid Planning

The future is always uncertain. Responsible individuals plan to face it adequately prepared. With the help of an experienced estate planning attorney, you can set up a legal framework to defend your interests and your family. Depending on your situation, the assets you have and how you wish to transfer them, our lawyers can draft a document to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.

Our estate planning attorneys focus on these practice areas:

Milwaukee Elder Law Attorney

Elder Law

Medicaid planning lets you arrange your assets to become eligible for Title 19 without going bankrupt first.

Wisconsin Estate Tax Attorney

Estate Tax

Protect your estate from crippling State and Federal taxes with the help of our estate tax planning lawyers.

Wisconsin Probate Attorney


Probate administration and litigation services help your family through a complicated process to make sure your rights are protected.

Wisconsin Will and Trust Attorney

Will and Trusts

Protect your family after you have passed with a Will or Trust. Our attorneys can even eliminate the Probate process.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend the Rights of Wisconsin Residents

Just because you have been charged and arrested doesn’t mean you have committed a crime. The actions you take immediately after being arrested are extremely important. Be sure to hire an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney to maximize your chance of going free.

Our attorneys focus on the following areas of criminal law:

Wisconsin DUI Lawyers

Drunk Driving

Even if it’s your first offense, you should always have an attorney represent your interests in OWI proceedings.

Wisconsin Probate Revocation Hearing Representation

Probation Revocation Hearings

You can go to jail after a probation revocation hearing. Make sure you have a lawyer help you to stay free.

Traffic Offense Attorneys Wisconsin

Traffic Offenses

Violations of traffic laws can lead to severe fines or even jail time. With proper legal representation, these penalties can be minimized.

Wisconsin Juvenile Law Attorneys

Juvenile Law

Minors charged with crimes in Wisconsin should get legal help to avoid ruining the rest of their life.

Real Estate and Business Law Services Help Individuals and Corporations in Southeast Wisconsin

Our law offices do more than help families deal with the unexpected. We also offer legal help when buying or selling a home or office location and assist businesses with contracts and tax issues.

Wisconsin Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate

Buy, sell or lease residential and commercial property with the help of our real estate attorneys.

Wisconsin Business Attorneys

Business Law

Our business attorneys help Wisconsin corporations draft contracts, licensing agreements and other important business documents.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Attorneys Wisconsin Trusts

Legal matters can be stressful and nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t fully understand the gravity of the situation at hand. Our Wisconsin attorneys offer free consultations and case evaluations for every practice area except business law and Medicaid planning.

Take advantage of our lawyers’ experience with a free consultation to get a better idea of the situation you face and how you should act.
If you want to know if you have a case, your best bet is scheduling a free consultation to find out.

At your consultation, we help you understand the best course of action. We answer any questions and inform you about your case’s prospects. Our lawyers want to help you make the best decision and will not pressure you into making a bad choice. There is never any risk or obligation. After your evaluation, you are free to retain our services or not. Schedule a free consultation today to speak with our experienced and honest attorneys.

If you’re seeking legal representation which puts you first, contact our Menomonee Falls attorneys for a free consultation.

Please note the free consultation does not apply to business law or Medicaid/Title 19 planning.

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