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Lawyers WisconsinFrom personal injury to estate planning, you may have questions regarding legal matters only an experienced Wisconsin lawyer can answer. Our Milwaukee area lawyers are here to answer common questions regarding legal situations with which you may be involved. Over 60 years of experience makes our attorneys prime resources for personal injury, family law, estate planning, real estate, criminal law and business law. By gaining knowledge about common situations, you’ll be informed when it comes time to work with our Wisconsin attorneys to build a case or handle legal documents. See below for commonly asked legal questions. If you have further questions regarding the law, please contact our comprehensive law firm for answers.

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Receiving a divorce summons in Wisconsin can be a shocking and emotional experience. You may be feeling betrayed, hurt, angry, and scared, but you NEED to take action. If you simply ignore the divorce summons, any claims made by your spouse will be considered fact by the judge. You will lose the case by default, and maybe even your children, money, and possessions.
The clock begins ticking the second you’re served! Set up a free consultation with our experienced Menomonee Falls divorce lawyers … Read More

In the event of a wrongful death, no amount of money can bring back a loved one, but compensation can help lessen the financial burden. The court takes a number of economic and non-economic factors into account when determining the amount of compensation.
Wrongful Death Economic Loss Factors
From an economic stand point, the court considers funeral and medical expenses, as well as the amount of money the deceased would have contributed had they lived a normal life span. This in and of itself i… Read More

By law, landlords are required to maintain rental units in a condition fit for human habitants. However, the term “fit for human habitants” can be a bit ambiguous. In order for a premise to be considered livable it must meet the following requirements:

Working plumbing
Functioning heating system
Supply of hot and cold running water
Free of rodents and vermin
Building is up to code and structurally sound
Safe living conditions
Roof, windows and doors are free of water leaks.
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The answer is simple: You do need a lawyer. In personal injury cases, the defendant is not always clear, especially when there are multiple defendants. An experienced Wisconsin personal injury attorney, like those at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C., helps to uncover all defendants and builds a strong case to get you just compensation. Depending on the type of personal injury case, these defendants can range from insurance companies to manufacturers to property owners. It is especiall… Read More

Keep in mind, the divorce process in Wisconsin takes time. There is a minimum of 120 days for all divorce cases to go through. This allows all parties involved to calm down and make rational decisions regarding the divorce. The process may take longer depending on the degree of complication regarding your specific case.
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The Wisconsin Divorce Process
The divorce process begins with one party filing a summons and petition with the court. The other party will then … Read More

It’s difficult to think about making end of life decisions, but if you have assets you want control over when you’re gone you do need a will. A last will and testament is a legal document which assigns assets and care of minor children. Without a will, you die intestate. In this case the state will decide who gets your assets based on the law. In Wisconsin, assets go to the spouse. If there is no spouse, assets will go to any children or grandchildren, then parents, and so on. If the… Read More

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