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Wisconsin Real Estate Attorney

Menomonee Falls Lawyers Provide Assistance for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Matters

At McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C., our Milwaukee area attorneys have the skill and expertise to represent individuals and businesses in a variety of real estate transactions. Whether you are buying a new home, selling a home, or looking for assistance with a commercial business purchase, our Menomonee Falls real estate attorney advocacy can help guide you every step of the way.


As part of our real estate services, we review all contracts and documents related to your transaction, including:a beautiful house

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Deeds
  • Titles
  • Lender agreements
  • Leases
  • Insurance documents
  • Foreclosure documents

Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-sell agreements are contracts which help business owners ensure continuity of their business ownership and management in the occurrence of a specified triggering event. Examples of triggering events include the following:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy

The buy-sell agreement can dictate what events will trigger a buyout, who can buy the departing owner’s shares and the price of the shares. Have an experienced attorney at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. review or draft your buy-sell agreement to ensure your business ownership is protected.

Real Estate Deeds

A deed is a legal document which transfers an interest or right of a property from the grantor to the grantee. In order for a deed to be legally considered valid it must:

  • Include language indicating the document is a deed and is conveying the interest of the property
  • Identify the grantor and their legal right to transfer the property
  • Identify the grantee
  • Accurately describe the property
  • Be executed by the grantor and grantee

Deeds are very important legal instruments affecting property ownership and rights. Ask our knowledgeable attorneys to review your deed today and ensure your interest or rights to a property are secure.

Real Estate Titles

The title is a legal document which determines the specific rights a person is entitled to regarding the property. To put it simply, the title shows legal ownership of a property. Ask an experienced attorney at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. to review your title and make sure your ownership is protected.

Lending Agreements

A lending agreement is a legally-binding contract between a lender and borrower which sets the enforceable terms and conditions for the life of a loan. This document specifies important provisions of a loan including the amount, interest rate, time frame and potential penalties. Call the McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. lawyers to review your lending agreement today.


A lease is the binding contract between a lessor (landlord) and lessee (tenant). This agreement sets forth special provisions to be upheld by the lessor and lessee including:

  • Starting date and duration
  • Conditions for lease renewal
  • Provisions for security deposit
  • Specific conditions about what can or cannot be done to the property
  • Property responsibilities

Set up a meeting with our experienced real estate attorneys today to review your lease and rights as a lessor or lessee.

Insurance Documents

There are a variety of different real estate insurance documents which can be difficult to understand without the trained eye of a McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. attorney. Real estate insurance documents include:

  • Mortgage insurance
  • Title insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance

Call us today to ensure you understand all the ins and outs of your insurance policy.

Foreclosure Documents

Foreclosure can be very scary and confusing to the untrained eye. Hire our knowledgeable attorneys to review complex foreclosure documents like the summons and complaint. We’ll explain the foreclosure process and help you determine the next steps and best course of action.

All real estate transactions are complex, which is why it’s important to have an experienced Wisconsin real estate attorney by your side. A skilled real estate attorney will be able to negotiate better terms on your behalf, protect your financial interests, and make sure your transaction is valid and lawful. If your real estate matter involves more complex disputes, our Wisconsin lawyers will be more than prepared to protect your interests in court. We offer a free consultation for all real estate legal matters to provide the best legal representation possible. Our Menomonee Falls real estate law firm serves the entire Southeast Wisconsin area, utilizing resources to assist both individuals and businesses with real estate matters.

Wisconsin Attorneys Assist with Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our Menomonee Falls attorneys take an honest and practical approach to real estate matters. Our advice is based on years of experience dealing with all real estate matters from straightforward property purchases to more complex contract disputes. As reputable Milwaukee area real estate attorneys, we bring a level of expertise to your real estate transaction, ensuring your interests are protected at all times.

Our Wisconsin law firm provides both residential and commercial real estate services. We can assist with any of the following real estate matters:

  • Drafting, reviewing, or negotiating buy/sell agreements
  • Title searches/insurance
  • Offer to purchase
  • Closings
  • Real estate transfer returns/deeds
  • Lease agreements
  • Breach of contract
  • Property transfers

Title Searches and Title Insurance

When purchasing a home, you want to be certain the title is free of defects. Title insurance can help protect you against title defects, however, the process can still be quite complex. The title insurance company will review the title and provide you with a title insurance commitment. However, receiving this title insurance commitment does not mean your title is clear. Ask our experienced real estate attorneys to review your title commitment for any potential issues. Title defects can be detrimental to the property and include:

  • Broken chain of title (meaning the seller does not have the right to sell the property)
  • Unpaid liens
  • Property restrictions
  • Driveway easements

Avoid major property defects and headaches with our knowledgeable real estate lawyers.

Offer to Purchase

The offer to purchase contains many terms and conditions both the seller and buyer agree to by signing. Common terms and conditions include:

  • Purchase price
  • Closing date
  • Move-in date
  • Property legal description
  • Guarantee of clear title
  • Items included/not included in the sale

Once the offer to purchase is signed by both parties, it is considered to be a legally binding contract and should be taken very seriously. Our team of well-qualified attorneys can help you draft or review an offer to purchase to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Real Estate Closing

The real estate closing process can be a very confusing and complicated process without the guidance of our experienced Menomonee Falls lawyers. We’ll walk you through each step of the closing process to ensure your interests are protected. Only a legal advisor can look out for your personal interests and provide legal advice. During the closing process our attorneys:

  • Draft/review the real estate contract
  • Ensure all contingencies have been met
  • Spot and address potential issues
  • Review any provisions specific to the property
  • Explain every document you’re signing – including the fine print

Call the McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. lawyers to oversee your home closing process today!

Real Estate Transfer Return

If you are transferring ownership of any type of real estate, you are required by state law to electronically file a real estate transfer return with the county Register of Deeds. The information included in the transfer return is used by local assessors and municipal/county officials at the Department of Revenue to determine property market value. Contact our knowledgeable real estate attorneys to help you electronically file your Real Estate Transfer of Return and ensure your rights to the property are protected.

Breach of Contract

When a party fails to comply with any provision, it is considered to be a breach of contract and can result in significant losses. Contact our qualified Menomonee Falls lawyers to ensure your interests are protected and help you navigate through confusing contracts!

When dealing with commercial transactions, our Menomonee Falls real estate attorneys can make sure your real estate transactions adhere to the proper rules and regulations, which will mitigate any future risk to your business operations. Trust our Milwaukee area law firm to protect your interests in all real estate matters.

If you’re in need of assistance with a residential or commercial real estate transaction, contact our Wisconsin real estate attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

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