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Wisconsin Lawyer Practice Areas

Menomonee Falls Attorneys for All Your Legal Needs

No matter how large or small, legal matters can be overwhelming when they affect your life. If you have a good Wisconsin lawyer who’s experienced in the specific legal area to represent you, the legal process is much less complicated. The versatile and experienced attorneys of McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. in Menomonee Falls can reduce the stress related to your legal problems by providing you with the legal guidance you need. We offer comprehensive legal experience ranging across the legal spectrum to provide representation in every area of the law.

Whether you have suffered a personal injury, you are mired in a child custody dispute, or you’re simply seeking legal advisement regarding a will or trust, our knowledgeable Milwaukee area lawyers can help. To allow you to make an informed decision, we offer a free case evaluation for all legal services, with the exception of business law and Medicaid/Title 19 planning. There is never any obligation or risk when you come to us for an initial consultation. We want you to make the best decision for you to meet your needs. No matter what your case, we put your best interests first. We work to develop the strongest case possible to aggressively fight for your rights and we provide the most comprehensive legal advice. Our Milwaukee area law firm is here for you. Take a look at the extensive legal practice areas in which we can assist you.

Our Wisconsin Lawyers Handle the Following Legal Practice Areas:

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

From missed work to the inability to enjoy life as you previously had, a personal injury can negatively affect your life. An extensive financial burden due to this injury can weigh down on you, causing an uncomfortable living situation. When this injury was caused by the negligence or misconduct of another you shouldn’t be the one paying for medical bills, lost wages, property damage or other costs. Depending on the severity or type of injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Milwaukee-area personal injury attorneys can fairly and aggressively represent you and fight for every penny you deserve. Learn more about our Menomonee Falls personal injury lawyer representation.

Wisconsin Family Law Attorney

Divorce, legal separation, and child custody battles are never easy. Even amicable situations can turn ugly. The divorce process can be messy with attempting to divide assets, set living situation, and assign child custody. Allow our experienced Milwaukee area divorce attorneys to guide you through these proceedings to ensure your rights are protected. We work with you to thoroughly understand your situation, allowing us to make a case best suited to your individual needs. Don’t go into a divorce alone; our family law team can help make the process less complicated and less stressful. Learn more about our Menomonee Falls family law attorney representation.

Wisconsin Estate Planning Lawyer

Planning for your own death or incapacitation is not something you want to think about. However, your family needs to be protected. Our Milwaukee area estate planning lawyers are well versed in the art of drafting wills, living trusts, special needs trusts, irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney both financial and healthcare, Wisconsin probate laws, and Title 19 regulations. No matter what aspect of estate planning you’re seeking advisement for, our attorneys are highly experienced when it comes to end of life planning, legal documents and contracts. Let us counsel you through the estate planning or probate administration process. Learn more about our Menomonee Falls estate planning lawyer advisement.

Wisconsin Real Estate Attorney

Buying and selling real estate can be an exciting time. When you’re dealing with legal contracts and documents related to a piece of property, you may think your realtor can handle all of the legal aspects of your contract. However, real estate transactions can become very complicated and your realtor may not be as well versed in Wisconsin real estate law as our attorneys. Whether you are buying a new home or leasing a commercial property, our legal team can ensure that there is nothing hidden in your contracts which can harm you and can keep you out of unnecessary litigation. Learn more about our Menomonee Falls real estate attorney transaction assistance.

Wisconsin Business Lawyer

There is more to starting your business than hanging out your shingle and taking on clients. Business law can be complicated if you do not have proper advisement. From federal and state regulations to contracts and cash flow, starting, running, and/or selling a business is a complex process. Our Milwaukee area business law lawyers advise owners, managers and entrepreneurs about startups, asset acquisitions and sales, and transactions like retail leases and distribution agreements. Our business advisory service can help you every step of the way in all aspects of business law to ensure you fully understand all necessary processes and documents. Learn more about our Menomonee Falls business lawyer advisement.

Wisconsin Criminal Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, including something as minor as a traffic violation there are advantages to experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney representation. A guilty plea or mistake in your defense could be costly. You should never go into a felony or misdemeanor case without representation protecting your rights. Trust our Milwaukee area criminal defense attorneys to defend you with your best interests in mind. We work to build the strongest case possible and defend you from preliminary hearings to probation violation hearings. Don’t go into a criminal case alone and risk hefty fines or even jail time. Our Wisconsin criminal attorneys put you first and work to ensure best possible outcome in your case. Learn more about our Menomonee Falls criminal attorney representation.

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