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Do I need a will and when is the best time to make one?

It’s difficult to think about making end of life decisions, but if you have assets you want control over when you’re gone you do need a will. A last will and testament is a legal document which assigns assets and care of minor children. Without a will, you die intestate. In this case the state will decide who gets your assets based on the law. In Wisconsin, assets go to the spouse. If there is no spouse, assets will go to any children or grandchildren, then parents, and so on. If there are children outside of the spouse, assets will be divided between the children and the spouse. Schedule FREE Consultation Now PROTECT YOUR ASSETS Without a will you have no control over your assets when you pass; if you have other plans for your assets, you better make a will. It is especially important to have a will to assign care of children. A will can always be changed as necessary to cover any life changes like marriage and children. To ensure your will covers all necessary grounds and meets your specific needs, it is important to seek advisement of an experienced Wisconsin estate planning lawyer. If you have a substantial estate, it is crucial you hire an attorney to make sure there’s a smooth transition of all your assets. If you’re in need of a will or trust, our Wisconsin attorneys have years of experience to make sure your assets are in good hands when you pass. If you need a will or need will advisement, contact our Menomonee Falls estate planning attorneys to schedule a free consultation.