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What to do when you`ve been served divorce papers in Wisconsin?

Receiving a divorce summons in Wisconsin can be a shocking and emotional experience. You may be feeling betrayed, hurt, angry, and scared, but you NEED to take action. If you simply ignore the divorce summons, any claims made by your spouse will be considered fact by the judge. You will lose the case by default, and maybe even your children, money, and possessions. The clock begins ticking the second you’re served! Set up a free consultation with our experienced Menomonee Falls divorce lawyers. In order to help build your strongest case, you will need to begin assembling a file of financial and personal documents including:

  • You and your children’s birth certificates
  • You and your children’s Social Security cards
  • Immigration documents (if applicable)
  • Nuptial agreements (pre and post)
  • Any previous marriage documentation
  • Tax returns from the last 3 or more years
  • Employment records and pay stubs
  • Any deeds or titles to property you own (house, car, etc…)
  • Bank statements for ALL of your bank accounts
  • Retirement or pension plan records
  • Mortgage, credit card, and loan statements
No matter what terms you are on with your spouse it is important to remain civil. Do not write or post any incriminating information online – this includes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Any criminal activity, disturbances, or questionable behaviors can be brought against you in court and may affect the legal outcome.