Testimonials – Joseph H. Helm, Jr.

  • Exceptional Estate Plan Lawyer

    Posted by anonymous – May 7, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm’s experience in estate planning gave us complete confidence in the preparation of our estate plan. He was accommodating and professional. He answered our questions in lay man’s terms. Attorney Helm was highly organized and very respectful of our time. My husband and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of estate planning.

  • Professional and Efficient

    Posted by anonymous – May 1, 2017 on Avvo

    Joseph Helm was great to work with. This was our first experience with estate planning, and he patiently walked us through all of the steps and thoroughly answered any questions we had. The process was thorough yet efficient and we left our signing meeting with a clearly articulated list of to-do’s to finalize putting the plan into action.

  • Revocable Living Trust, Will, Power of Attorney

    Posted by Laurel – April 30, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm was professional, concise, and kind in delivering all the legal documents necessary to complete our Trust. The work was done in a timely and efficient manor. The office staff were also helpful, and the environment was comfortable.

  • Excellent Experience

    Posted by anonymous – April 20, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm worked with us to develop our estate plan. We had a prior trust but relocated to Wisconsin and needed to make several changes, so we hired him to assist us. He completed the estate plan with our trust and living will sooner than we anticipated. He and his staff were very helpful and Knowledgeable. His assistant answered all of our questions promptly. I would recommend him to others for estate planning.

  • Living Trust made easy

    Posted by Mike – April 18, 2017 on Avvo

    Based on personal recommendations and general reputation, we hired Mr. Helm to help us complete estate planning documents including a revocable living trust. Prior experience as a trustee/estate executor made us realize how valuable a living trust can be for anyone who handles your final affairs. Avoids all that property going through probate, making assets immediately available for distribution. Joe also made an excellent suggestion about acquiring life insurance to reimburse the estate for any long term care bills paid out of the estate. We will pursue that idea.

    Mr. Helm is very knowledgeable, and keeps on top of current estate planning practice. Two visits, for the interview and final signing was all that was required, with a bit of interim homework. Could not have been easier. Final work product was exceptional, with a comprehensive binder and further instructions for your trustee/executor. We had the benefit of Hyatt Legal Service employee benefit, which covered almost the entire expense, but any money spent is well worth this peace of mind planning.

  • Joe did our family’s estate plan–thank you!

    Posted by Jeff Hughes – April 10, 2017 on Avvo

    I hired Attorney Joe Helm to do our family’s estate plan. He and his staff were wonderful and easy to work with. He asked all the right questions and got right to the heart of what we needed for our future protection. His pricing was fair–and very competitive.

    I am also a lawyer and have some knowledge on the “inner workings” of law firms. I chose Joe among the hundreds of other options because he is trustworthy and has a great reputation among other lawyers who know when good when they see it. And, in our community, Joe is very involved and really cares about families and our city. He gives tirelessly to others.

    I would recommend Joe to everyone I know without reservation.

  • Highly Recommend Mr. Helm

    Posted by Lynn – April 9, 2017 on Avvo

    We had Mr. Helm work on a will & trust for us. He and his staff were very easy to work with, explained any questions we had and made the process very easy. Thanks.

  • Quick and Efficient

    Posted by Erin – March 24, 2017 on Avvo

    Mr Helm was a pleasure to work with regarding our trust/estate planning. My husband and I are both very busy people, so we greatly appreciated how quickly meetings were conducted and efficiently documents were drafted. Mr. Helm did a great job at explaining all details of our planning in a manner that was easily understood. I now have confidence and feel comfortable knowing that our estate plans will be carried out without hassle or confusion for our family.
    The process couldn’t have been any easier.

  • estate planning

    Posted by Nicole – March 23, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm was extremely knowledgeable with regards to all aspects of estate planning and was able to create all legal documents to cover our future needs. The process was thorough and quick.

  • Joseph H. Helm Jr.

    Posted by anonymous – March 20, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm and his team were very helpful in the planning and execution of our trust. He explained the process in easy to understand language. The binder that we took home will be very useful and easy to use in the future.

  • Attorney Review

    Posted by Kenneth and Cheryl – March 16, 2017 on Avvo

    Staff was very friendly, available, and informative.
    Attorney Helm was friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and very affordable.
    As with a majority of attorneys, Attorney Helm was perfunctory, leaving us to feel like “cattle rushed through a shoot”, or just another number. Nonetheless, the task was neatly, and professionally done.

    Thank you,

    Kenneth and Cheryl

  • Trust Helm With Your Trust

    Posted by Kevin – March 4, 2017 on Avvo

    My wife and I worked with Mr. Helm to establish trusts. He was friendly, respectful and thorough. Our children will not have worry about taking care of things upon our deaths and this gives us comfort. One less thing to worry about. Should have done this years ago but it’s done now!

  • Made it easy!

    Posted by Darrell – February 21, 2017 on Avvo

    We were recommended to contact this firm to do a family trust and we were not disappointed! Joseph Helm explained everything very well and easy so we could understand what was all involved without being a lawyer ourselves. We only had to visit the office twice and had a little homework to get all information needed. We now have all our information in one trust and all entities have been informed of the trust. Would highly recommend this service! Friendly and helpful from administrative staff to Joseph. Thanks

  • Outstanding Lawyer and Gentleman

    Posted by Jay – February 20, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. He is very organized, which made the process of completing our estate plan very easy for us. He was helpful and patient in answering our questions. He is also cost-effective for the amount of work he had to do for our family. We highly recommend Attorney Helm for anyone looking to put together a trust or estate plan.

  • Estate and trust planning

    Posted by Donald – February 17, 2017 on Avvo

    Mr. Helm (Joe) treated us from the beginning as if we were a friend of the family. Having put off trust and estate planning for years, we were lucky to find a lawyer of Joe’s experience to review a complex situation we were dealing with. In the end, all our concerns were put to rest with a comprehensive plan that offers security and peace of mind to myself and my family.

  • Estate Plan

    Posted by Al – February 15, 2017 on Avvo

    Joe prepared the estate plan for my wife and myself. It was extremely easy since Joe knew the best course for our situation. The result was an easy to negotiate and easy to understand information package along with all of the legal documents.

  • Jackie

    Posted by anonymous – February 15, 2017 on Avvo

    “Google” came to my rescue by helping me select an attorney at random in the M.F. area. It was time to revise my outdated will and after reviewing the various websites, it was my good fortune to call McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel and set an appointment with Joseph H. Helm, Jr. Because of his 30+ years of experience in estate planning, his counsel was invaluable. I was most appreciative of his patience in answering all of my questions, concerns and setting my mind at ease to know that my wishes will be fulfilled. I especially appreciate the binder I was given at our final meeting. It not only included my estate plan, but a section simplifying the procedures my family will follow at the time I am incapacitated or at the time of my death. I highly recommend the services of a true professional – Attorney Joseph Helm, Jr.

  • trust

    Posted by Gary and Linda – February 11, 2017 on Avvo

    We would highly recommend Joseph Helm to anyone needing to have a trust/will prepared. He listened carefully to our needs and concerns and had clear answers into how to best handle our situation.

  • Review for estate planning

    Posted by anonymous – February 11, 2017 on Avvo

    Clear explanations regarding a subject I knew nothing about. When I sent emails with questions those questions were answered very clearly and promptly. I believe I left knowing I had made the right decision regarding my particular situation.

  • Estate Planning

    Posted by Maureen – February 6, 2017 on Avvo

    Mr. Helm was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and guided us through estate planning with ease. He made suggestions which we will follow through on. I highly recommend him. His staff is very professional and accommodating. Wish I would of known about him sooner. Would highly recommend him.

  • Highly recommend

    Posted by Stephanie – February 2, 2017 on Avvo

    Mr. Helm and his staff were friendly, helpful, and professional. We had a great and easy experience with our estate planning

  • Review of Estate Planning Attorney

    Posted by anonymous – January 31, 2017 on Avvo

    We met with Attorney Helm for estate planning. We found him to be knowledgeable and very helpful with areas that were unfamiliar to us. We would definitely recommend Attorney Helm to our friends and family if they desired an Estate Attorney.

  • Competent & Professional

    Posted by Carol and Robert – January 31, 2017 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm made our estate planning experience a breeze. He is extremely knowledgable, pleasant, thorough, and efficient. We walked away with an organized binder of documents, including health care directives and MOA designation, all of which will make it easy for us and our trustee(s). This is the guy to hire!

  • Mr. Helm was very conscientious in setting up our trust

    Posted by Gail – January 30, 2017 on Avvo

    Setting up a trust can be overwhelming, but Joe Helm made it quite easy. I used the word ‘conscientious’ in the title because he is thorough, careful, and vigilant. He even went above and beyond in meeting with my insurance agent to make sure my beneficiaries were set up correctly.

  • Professional & Personable with Godly Foundation

    Posted by Kim – January 29, 2017 on Avvo

    My husband and I hired Joseph H. Helm, Jr. to assist us with estate planning. We wanted to protect our assets for our children and also appoint someone that we trusted to help manage our estate until our children were mature enough to take on this responsibility. He is very thorough and covers even POA healthcare in the event that one of us cannot make our own healthcare decisions. The binder he provided will be of help to us and our children as a reference tool. He also provided wallet cards on how to designate future financial accounts and to direct EMS in the case that we are unresponsive. We recommend Joe Helm as he is a Christian and offers a great value for the services we received.

  • Wonderful To Work With

    Posted by Julie – January 29, 2017 on Avvo

    Atty. Helm prepared all my estate documents including trusts, will, POAs living will, etc. He and his staff were very kind and understanding; he answered all my questions and concerns and could not have made this process any easier. I highly recommend Atty. Helm!

  • Trustworthy and reasonable

    Posted by Susie – January 26, 2017 on Avvo

    Mr. Helm gave a free seminar on basic estate planning techniques at WVCY in Milwaukee. He explained the options of having a will, a trust or a marital agreement. When I went to have my plan done by Mr. Helm, he and his staff were respectful and patient. Detailed information and options were given, and questions were welcomed. I am very pleased with the Estate Plan that was set up for my family. God bless America and our feeedoms!

  • review of Joseph H. Helm Jr.

    Posted by Al – January 25, 2017 on Avvo

    Went to Joseph to have will made up, he was very thorough and explained everything well.

  • Will and Estate Planning

    Posted by Shelley – January 17, 2017 on Avvo

    Working with Attorney Helm was a pleasure. He explained this unknown process to me, and made it understandable. Right from our initial meeting, I felt comfortable asking questions about the process and how to complete the paperwork. No question was too small. The turnaround time from start to finish was very good. I would highly recommend Attorney Helm.

  • Estate planning review of Attorney Joseph H. Helm Jr.

    Posted by Raynard – December 13, 2016 on Avvo

    My wife and I attended an Estate planning seminar facilitated by Attorney Helm. He explained the aspects of Estate planning, Trusts, Wills and living wills that were very understandable for a novice as it relates to these areas. Based on the information provided my wife and I felt very comfortable hiring Attorney Helm and proceeding with an estate plan for our family. He explained the process in a very understandable manner and guided us through the process of gathering all of the information necessary to complete the estate plan. We know the plan we completed covers our family in the event a catastrophic event were to occur to me or my wife. The cost for the Estate plan was straight forward and reasonable. The process was seamless with appointments scheduled to accommodate our schedules. Additionally, Attorney Helm was extremely personable and made sure we were comfortable with all of the aspects of the Estate planning process. We highly recommend Attorney Helm for all Estate planning needs.

  • Very helpful and Knowledgeable!!

    Posted by Kathy – November 30, 2016 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm’s expertise in family law and estate planning provided me with a complete will and trust package that addresses all of my needs. He explained the process thoroughly, answering all my questions. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.

  • Needed a will and other estate planning.

    Posted by David – November 14, 2016 on Avvo

    Joe was very efficient and knowledgeable. He cared about my concerns and wishes after I passes. He made sure everything was spelled out. His staff I found to be very helpful and knowledgeable as well.

  • Make it easier on yourself

    Posted by Judith – October 2, 2016 on Avvo

    I truly appreciated working with atty Joe Helm. He was straight-forward and efficient with time. The end result will have you breathing a sigh of relief, as the hard copy Estate plan ” book” you walk away with is comprehensive and easy to understand.
    It is good to work with such a principled firm with good values in its DNA.

  • Ronald Sudfeld

    Posted by Ron – October 1, 2016 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm was very helpful in discussing the difference between a trust and a will. He answered all our questions. He was reliable when answering phone calls. His office staff was also willing to accept questions.

  • Living Trust

    Posted by Rick and Bonnie – September 29, 2016 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm acted in a professional manner, but at the same time was very personable and caring during the time that was spent with him. My wife and I hired Attorney Helm to prepare a Living Trust for our Estate planning. He was knowledgeable and took the time to answer our questions in ‘layman’s’ terms instead of legal language. We felt completely at ease and comfortable the way we were treated by not only Attorney Helm, but also other personnel within this law firm. We were extremely satisfied in all aspects of our treatment. Without reservation, we would (and have already) recommended Attorney Helm to others.

  • Estate Planning

    Posted by Jeanne – September 18, 2016 on Avvo

    Joe did a great job explaining the process, provided several specific scenarios that were critical for our decision making in this most important life task. From the initial consultation to our signing meeting was only three weeks! Delighted at how responsive Joe was and how quickly our documents were completed. Will recommend Joe to friends and family as he was so great to work with.

  • Knowledgeable attorney with and excellent personal approach to estate planning

    Posted by Jeff – September 17, 2016 on Avvo

    Joe takes the time to understand your situation and advise you on the best path forward to manage your estate. He is engaged and attentive to your needs as he shares with you the pros and cons of each aspect of estate planning. He is a master at understanding the law and relates that back to you to build the best plan to deliver on your goals. Once you have established a path forward Joe and his team are very thorough in delivering and explaining each component of the estate plan. All of which is done very efficiently. What is most appealing to me is the manner with which Joe approaches your situation. He is an active listener that understands his role in helping you to meet your estate planning goals. I highly recommend Joe for your estate planning needs.

  • painless planning

    Posted by Annie – September 15, 2016 on Avvo

    Attorney Helm was organized, thorough, candid and clear. He gave us the time we needed and answered all our questions. He was personable and honest and his rates were very fair. Highly recommended.

  • Estate Planning

    Posted by Ben & Pat B. – September 7, 2016 on Avvo

    Joseph Helm made the preparation of an estate plan very simple and straightforward. We had put off preparing a plan for years, but after meeting with Joseph Helm the task was completed in no time and was painless. I would highly recommend his services.

  • Joseph H. Helm Jr.

    Posted by David – August 30, 2016 on Avvo

    Estate planning is new territory for me. Mr. Helm was informative, personal, knowledgeable, and patient. In plain terms he made it painless for me while he was completely thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend him for his services.

  • Completely Assured

    Posted by Jennifer – August 29, 2016 on Avvo

    My husband and I hired Attorney Joe Helm to assist us with estate planning. We were given clear directions and forms that we completed at home. We then met with Mr. Helm in person at his office to complete and sign the paperwork. The entire process was easier and less time consuming than we’d anticipated. He and his staff handle matters in an extremely timely and effective manner. He is easy to get ahold of and prompt in his responses. We are without doubt that he is the most trustworthy, prepared, skilled, efficient, and professional attorney that we could have hired. We have 100% assurance that our affairs are in order. We hold Joe Helm in the highest regard and have confidently recommended him to family and friends.

  • Fantastic Experience

    Posted by Kent – August 24, 2016 on Avvo

    My wife and I were recommended from our financial planner to go to Mr. Helm, and since we have recommended him several times ourselves. We went to him for our Estate planning and it went smoothly. We were well informed as to what we needed to do, and well informed of all of our options throughout the process. We couldn’t of been happier.

  • Trust

    Posted by Sharon – August 12, 2016 on Avvo

    I could not have been more satisfied with the service I received from Joe Helm. He assured me that this was the correct path to take for my estate and with great patience answered all of my many questions. I had some special circumstances which he helped me with and, to my great relief, offered to be a trustee if needed. I have every confidence in him as my estate lawyer and would recommend him (and have recommended him) to all of my friends and family.

  • Estate planning attorney

    Posted by anonymous – July 23, 2016 on Avvo

    On the first appointment, Attorney Helm was very professional in explaining what an estate planning is and what it all entails. He gave us literature and clear instructions of what documents we needed to bring to his office and a time frame. We promptly received a tentative copy of the will in the mail for us to review. The day of the signing went real well. Hardly any wait in the waiting room and he explained everything to us and asked us if we had any questions. We are extremely satisfied with attorney Helm’s services.

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