Testimonials – Alan L. Spiegel, Jr.

  • Estate legal actions

    Posted by Vicki Dare – April 23, 2017 on Avvo

    Al helped me through a very stressful time with such carry and professionalism. He is so knowledgeable and so easy to talk to and he explains things so you understand the processes. He was such a good send. I highly recommend him for all your legal needs regarding estate laws.

  • He’s as honest and fair as it gets. Highly recommended!

    Posted by anonymous – January 20, 2017 on Avvo

    I found Attorney Spiegel through this site because I needed someone to represent me in a guardianship case and I was impressed with his reviews. I called him in tears and somewhat of a panic. He calmed me down and cleared time to see me the very next day. At our consultation he was very knowledgeable with the local court system, direct and didn’t try to “sugar coat” the reality of the situation. The way he explained the process gave me comfort and I really knew then that he was the right lawyer for me. Sometimes we don’t like to hear the truth but his honesty saved me several thousands of dollars and in the end, I won! Things turned out exactly as I wanted and I couldn’t be any more happy. He’s a terrific family oriented guy who is impressive in court and will fight for what’s right. Thank you Attorney Spiegel for helping us on this journey.

  • Wise decisions led to successful outcome.

    Posted by anonymous – July 15, 2016 on Avvo

    Attorney Spiegel assisted me with a difficult and frustrating complication affecting my divorce. He simplified the case so as to bring clarity to the most important points affecting the outcome, thereby resulting in a fair and successful judgement. I appreciated his honesty, integrity, and wise use of time. He has a relaxed, yet very professional demeanor that helped me deal with the difficulties of facing trial.

  • Forever grateful for your help…

    Posted by Joshua – June 29, 2016 on Avvo

    I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Alan for the legal help that he provided me in recent court cases. When I came to Alan in December 2015 I was doing my best at representing myself in court and trying to lead a life not consumed with worry. I had two cases in court one was to stop months of harassment, and the other was to have my property returned to me. The stress that was removed from my life when I hired Alan Spiegel just days before Christmas allowed me to enjoy the holiday season, finish my final semester at Technical college, and to obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.97. In addition, on June 11th 2016 Alan was able to bring both of these cases to a close, and have my property returned to me. Without Alan’s representation I would not have received any of the merit based Scholarships I received upon transferring to Devry University, and property that had been in my family for decades would have been lost. The integrity that Alan displayed throughout these cases was incredible, and I will forever be thankful for his guidance in these matters. I have tried to find words that express my gratitude for his help on many occasions, however words always fall short no matter how eloquently stated. For future legal services I will always look to Alan Spiegel for advice, however I pray that future legal services will be for matters such as estate planning instead of the litigation services this situation required.


    Forever a grateful client,


  • Review of the Wonderful Alan Spiegel

    Posted by anonymous – July 28, 2015 on Avvo

    Alan Spiegel was an answer to my husband and I’s prays. Due to Al’s help, an impossible outcome was made possible for us. He is genuine, kind, trustworthy, generous, very knowledgeable, and above all, selfless. In a situation as opaque and uncertain as mine, Al gave my husband and I comfort and guidance throughout the entire process. His honesty, accuracy, promptness, and professionalism shined through as he listened and worked with us. Even at the hardest times, Al was calm and optimistic. My husband and I would not be where we are today without the help of our attorney and now friend, Al. We feel so blessed and extremely thankful!

  • Fights for what’s right

    Posted by Marie – June 12, 2013 on Avvo

    I was going through a somewhat messy family case which was bound to end up in trial. I knew I couldn’t survive a trial on my own and the opposing party had representation. Although everything was already going in my favor, I could have lost it all in trial. I began my attorney search and had consultation after consultation with attorneys who were more than willing to not fight for the best interests of my son which would have resulted in him being moved to Florida and away from his whole family. I was desperate to find someone who would fight for what was right. I then found Al. He is easy to talk with, relaxes any anxiety you may have, and tells you exactly how he’ll help. I never once through the rest of my proceedings felt like I was left to fight alone or in the dark about how my case was progressing. He stood by me through every step and decision. I couldn’t be more grateful for having found him.

    If you seek an attorney who will be honest, personable, and give it to you straight, Al is the perfect candidate. He will only fight for what is in the best interest of the most important part in the case; the child(ren). If you are seeking an attorney who will fight for your own selfish wants, Al is not right for you and there are plenty of others out there who would be more than happy to do anything you want of them for the money. I have already, and will continue, to recommend anyone to Al who needs the help of an honest attorney who always keeps the kid(s) as the focus of the fight.

  • Review of Alan L Spiegel Jr.

    Posted by Tina – November 15, 2011 on Avvo

    Alan was very comforting and easy to work with. He did what every divorce attorney should do – remove the worry. He was very professional throughout the entire divorce process.

  • A Devoted, Trustworthy, Hardworking, Sincere Attorney.

    Posted by Denise Davis – November 15, 2011 on Avvo

    Mr. Spiegle is truly one of a kind! His 100% devotion to our particular case was outstanding. Mr. Spiegel stopped at nothing to make sure my daughter and I were comfortable with the information he presented us, as well as making sure we understood every angle of it. He took the time to make us feel safe in our journey, and feel confident the outcome would be one we’d be comfortable with. The way Mr. Spiegel broke things down for us,talked to us, and really listened to our needs and concerns was reassuring and promising. He never gave us any doubt, it was optimism and sincere empathy for my daughter and I right form the start. There was no rock left unturned in this emotional case at all. He went above and beyond the call of any attorney to be prepared and on top of things. Mr. Spiegel is not your ordinary attorney at all. He really sits and listens to you without reservations! He views things from a variety of standpoints that I believe help to make him the great attorney that he is today. He truly cares about his clients and wants the best for each of them. In this day and age, you don’t see that in most attorneys. The majority of them claim you as a number or a cash income, and nothing more! Not this one…. We all had our ups and downs with this court case, and were thrown many different kinds of surprises, that left us feeling scared and unsure of things,yet Mr. Spiegel never gave up on himself or his abilities to do his best. He did just that too, he showed us a side of life that would be calming and beautiful full of no harm or fear. He proved to us that there really is a silver lining to every cloud. No more looking over our shoulders and second guessing what will take place next. It was Mr. Spiegel that helped us get our lives back in shape and it was his sincere compassion and heart felt drive for my daughters happiness and freedom that made all the difference for us. In court we ran into some very unexpected hurdles ,but Mr. Spiegel was able to use them to our advantage and turn things around for the better. He was able to improvise in the hardest of times, and adapt to the many road blocks we ran a crossed. In the end, we may not have walked away winning the entire case as we had wished for; however what we did walk away with was our freedom, our peace of mind, and our being a family once again. A feeling of closeness, love, and trust. Weeks later, my daughters life became even brighter when Mr. Speigel helped us present a name change to the court system, and she was granted the right to claim her stepfathers last name. The outcome overall was beneficial for all involved because Mr. Spiegel took the time to sit with us ,listen to us, and believe in us all the way around. His faith in us is and was the best thing that ever happened in our lives. Without his professional aspect on things,his trust and dedication to our fears and our concerns, and without his generous heart, we never would be able to speak of things today. I truly believe in my heart if it wasn’t for Mr. Spiegel we wouldn’t be alive today. Mr. Alan Spiegel is a fantastic attorney, one who will touch the lives of those he comes in contact with, and one who will not leave you disappointed! I whole heartedly recommend this gentleman as a representative to anyone. He does an amazing job.

  • Spiegel review

    Posted by anonymous – November 15, 2011 on Avvo

    Al made an effort to help me understand what was happening in my case, and answered every question I had.

  • Fight till the end

    Posted by Dave – November 15, 2011 on Avvo

    Alan is very knowledgeable not only in regards to law, but also to each of his clients case. His response time is quick and your questions and concerns are addressed professionally and appropriately. Alan is very on top of his clients case in and out of the court room. We were very impressed and pleased with Alan. He puts his clients wishes first and into action!

  • Compassionate Person

    Posted by Shelley – November 15, 2011 on Avvo

    When I first went to see Al, I was put at ease with his honesty.
    He is very genuine and his first impression leaves you feeling that you can place your trust in him. He handled a VERY sensitive probate estate for me that was a year+ long ordeal. His level of professionalism, integrity and efficiency are unmatched. He goes above and beyond to help the average person navigate the legal system. His compassion, generosity, kind heart and easy going way make him stand out amongst his peers. The personal values he lives by are what you really need during your time of need.

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