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Menomonee nursing home abuse lawyer Fights for Just Compensation in Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

a grandmotherWhen we place a loved one in an assisted living facility, hospital, hospice or nursing home we do so with the hope that they will be treated with the same kindness and respect they receive at home. While many nursing homes provide excellent care, far too many do not. Each year, thousands of elderly nursing home residents suffer serious injuries because of the negligent care they receive at an assisted living facility.


These injuries include broken bones, lacerations, bed sores, malnutrition, overmedication and dehydration. There may be multiple parties at fault for nursing home abuse injuries. Physical abuse, neglect, medical malpractice and a failure to monitor vulnerable residents may all play a role in the injuries of nursing home residents.

Over Half of Nursing Home Residents Fall Every Year

Many older adults who enter a nursing home do so because of failing health and a need for constant care. Alarmingly, between half and three-quarters of adults in nursing homes fall every year.

While hip fractures are very common, falls kill roughly 1,800 nursing home residents annually.

The causes of these fatal slip and falls are varied. Many patients are on medication impairing their ability to move and are in the assisted living center because they are frail. Their condition makes them more likely to be seriously injured by any fall. Regardless of the cause of the fall, all assisted living centers have an obligation to maintain a safe place for their senior residents.

When a loved one falls in a nursing home, it is important to seek legal assistance. Elder adults are liable to suffer serious injury from a fall and nursing homes have a duty to prevent falls. On average, a patient in an assisted living center will fall more than twice every year. Making sure the staff is taking the risk seriously and has proper protocols in place to prevent falls is literally a matter of life and death.

Affordable Care for a Reputable Nursing Home

Nursing homes can be surprisingly expensive, often throwing families and seniors into dire straits financially while trying to afford one. When a loved one needs care but the best facilities are too expensive, many families choose a cheaper alternative. Some of these more affordable homes are understaffed or have untrained and unethical staff, leading to nursing home abuse.

As expensive as assisted living facilities are, you can avoid financial hardship while living in a nursing home.

Get the high quality care your loved one deserves without breaking the bank with the help of McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C.’s elder law attorneys. If you suspect nursing home abuse, don’t delay in contacting our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys.

Free Consultation for Injured Patients and Families

The injuries sustained in a nursing home fall accident range from minor bruises to death. Serious injuries are sustained in up to 20% of falls, and roughly 5% of injuries cause bone fractures. Not all assisted living center patients injured in a slip and fall can walk. Although many people do not realize sedentary individuals are prone to fall injuries, wheelchair-bound and bedridden adults can be injured just as readily as their ambulatory counterparts.

Around 35% of patients injured in a fall were unable to walk at the time of the accident.

Some facilities attempt to lessen the chance of falls by using physical restraints like belts, rails and other devices. Use of restraints does not lessen the likelihood of fall and has actually been shown to increase injuries and deaths related to falls. Whether you or a loved one was injured in a fall-related accident with or without the use of physical restraints, the personal injury attorneys at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. are available for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose and may filing a lawsuit help make the facility a safer place for other residents.

The Difference between Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Although many people think of abuse and neglect as the same, they are different. Nursing home abuse is characterized by individuals intending to cause harm to the victim while neglect is caused by providing sub-standard care. An elderly patient injured in a fall would be the victim of abuse if pushed but if the fall happened because the senior was unsupervised, it would be neglect.

Common symptoms of neglect include bed sores, dehydration, malnourishment, lack of medication and poor hygiene.

Just like abuse, nursing home neglect can lead to serious injury and death. The best way to prevent nursing home neglect is to stay in contact with the patient and be on the lookout for any warning signs they are not receiving the care and attention they require.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Many people are afraid to admit they are being abused, especially when they think the abuse will increase if they report it. Other elderly people may feel it is their duty to put up with the abuse without frightening or upsetting their families or think nobody cares. Often, the best way to stop or prevent nursing home abuse is to keep an eye out for tell-tale warning signs. Nursing home abuse can be physical, financial and emotional, each type causing to different signs of distress. Pay attention to the following signs of nursing home abuse:

Elderly Woman Injured
Unexplained Injuries
Very Thin Nursing Home Patient’s Arms
Rapid Weight Change
Nursing Home Employee Stealing Patient’s Belongings
Missing Personal Items
Elderly Man Holding Empty Wallet after Fraud
Strange Financial Decisions
Emotionally Distant Nursing Home Patient
Emotionally Distant
Unusual Behavior
Unusual Behavior

What to Do When You Suspect Elder Abuse

If you suspect your loved one or another resident of a nursing home is being abused, decide if the danger is immediate or not. If it is, call 911 without delay. If the threat is not immanent, you should notify the care center’s management, local authorities and a nursing home abuse attorney. The personal injury lawyers at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. offer free consultations for nursing home abuse clients. Besides filing a personal injury lawsuit to stop physical and emotional abuse, our elder law attorneys can also draft a will or establish a trust to protect senior citizens from financial exploitation. You have nothing to lose by discussing your case with us and may prevent a vulnerable senior citizen from being abused.

Prevent Financial Abuse of the Elderly with a Trust

Establishing a trust creates a legal framework for accessing assets. By having a third party trustee, the assets of elderly or disabled individuals can be protected against theft and misappropriation. Some nursing homes establish their own trust funds for residents, but there are examples of nursing home staff forging checks and stealing thousands. Protect your loved one’s savings by creating a trust requiring outside supervision. With the help of Milwaukee’s McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C., you can have an added layer of security to stop fraud and theft from financially ruining a patient in a nursing home or assisted living center.

Free, Confidential Consultation for Nursing Home Abuse Victims

a lonely old woman looking at the windowAn experienced Wisconsin nursing home abuse attorney is the key receiving every penny of compensation you and your loved one deserves for injuries. If you believe an elderly loved one has been ill-treated, neglected, or abused at the hands of a caregiver, it is important to act right away.

The nursing home abuse lawyers at our firm in Menomonee Falls are committed to protecting the rights of the elderly. We can help your loved one recover compensation for injuries caused by negligence or neglect, and bring to light violations in standards of care. We know elderly victims of abuse and neglect are in a vulnerable position, and we are committed to providing aggressive, but compassionate representation and counsel.

There is no risk obligation when you come to our Menomonee Falls personal injury attorneys with your nursing home abuse case. We offer a free initial case evaluation and if you choose our lawyers to represent your case, we ensure you won’t pay a single fee until your case is won.

If a loved one in the hands of a nursing home has sustained injuries due to abuse, contact our Wisconsin personal injury lawyers to schedule a free case evaluation.

History of Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Success

Senior Nursing Home ResidentSix Figure Settlement for Nursing Home Resident Left Bleeding by Staff

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Suspect Abuse? What to Do

Senior Citizen Physically Abused
Call the police for immediate threats.
Do not delay in contacting authorities.

Nursing Home Staff
Notify management.
They may not know the abuse is happening.

a police mobile vehicle lights
Contact Adult Protective Services.
All reports of abuse are confidential.

Milwaukee Nursing Home Abuse Attorney
Schedule a free consultation with elder abuse lawyers.
Only a civil lawsuit will compensate you.

Living Will
Draft a Will or Trust.
Financial exploitation can be hindered.

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