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Wisconsin Divorce Attorney

Skilled Menomonee Falls Divorce Lawyer

a wedding ringDealing with a divorce on your own can be complicated and frustrating. When handled correctly by an experienced Wisconsin divorce attorney, these proceedings do not have to be a painful experience. If you are considering beginning the divorce process or you’ve been served with a petition for divorce, we can help you work through this difficult period.


Our Menomonee Falls divorce attorneys will make sure you know your legal rights, especially when it comes to property distribution and dealing with custody issues. It’s time for you to take control of your future and start planning for better days ahead. At McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C., we are ready to assist with your family law case. When we handle divorce proceedings and legal separations, we bring decades of practical experience and skill to the courtroom. Our expertise in family law, estate planning, and business law makes us uniquely qualified to deal with the issues which arise during the dissolution of a marriage. We are prepared to help you through this difficult time, no matter how complicated things may become. With over 60 years of experience, you are in good hands with our family law attorneys.

Wisconsin Divorce Proceedings

Having an experienced Wisconsin divorce attorney by your side during divorce proceedings is critical. The dissolution of a marriage can affect every aspect of your life. It is important that you remain informed about your rights and responsibilities pertaining to the distribution of property, child custody agreements, spousal support, division of assets (including retirement benefits, pensions, stock portfolios, and 401Ks) and enforcement of court orders. Our divorce attorneys can help guide you through divorce proceedings and address issues as they come up. Our Milwaukee area family lawyers value integrity and respect, and we always make sure to handle your divorce in the manner of your choosing. By keeping the lines of communication open, we can help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The first step is to speak with a divorce attorney at our Menomonee Falls office. Contact our Milwaukee area divorce attorneys to learn more about how we handle divorce proceedings and what benefits we can bring to the table on your behalf.

Legal Separation in Wisconsin

Divorce is not always the right solution when there are difficulties in a marriage. Some couples can benefit more from a legal separation. Filing for a legal separation will keep your marriage legally intact while you take time apart to decide what is best for your future. When you meet with an experienced Wisconsin divorce lawyer at our firm, we can discuss the option of legal separation and see if it works for your situation. Our priority is to make sure that you know your options at all times and feel comfortable with the decisions you make. Our family law firm is here to help you make decisions and proceed in a way which is in the best interest of you and your family.

Wisconsin Child Custody Issues

When children are involved in a divorce proceeding or legal separation, it is important to act with care. Our Menomonee Falls child custody attorneys have negotiated countless child custody agreements as part of divorce proceedings. If a settlement is not possible, we build a comprehensive case to successfully represent clients at trial. Our Wisconsin divorce attorneys make sure the security and well-being of your children is at the forefront at all times. We are committed to representing the best interests of you and your children in custody, visitation, and child support proceedings.

If you’re considering a divorce or legal separation, or you’re in the middle of the process, contact our Wisconsin family law firm to schedule a free consultation.

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