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Wisconsin Probate Legal Advocacy

Experienced Menomonee Falls Estate Planning Attorneys Provide Probate and Trust Administration Guidance

old woman sitting on a benchProbates and trust administration in Wisconsin requires careful attention to detail and a comprehensive knowledge of the law. Because we have extensive background in estate planning and experience drafting wills and trusts, it allows our Wisconsin attorneys to provide reliable and effective representation in probates and trust matters for you and your family.


Whether you are a beneficiary, heir, or a trustee, we can make sure your financial rights are protected. Especially during probates and trust administration. A Menomonee Falls estate planning attorney from our Milwaukee area firm can provide sound legal advice concerning the management of estate assets. If any probate or trust litigation matters come up, we have the expertise to successfully represent your interests in court.

Probate Administration and Litigation in Wisconsin

Probate is a complicated legal process which can involve multiple filing requirements, notifications, and court procedures. As part of our estate administration services, our Wisconsin probate lawyers can assist with locating estate assets. Furthermore, while evaluating claims against an estate, selling real estate, distributing assets, filing tax returns, and handling all probate court procedures. As an executor, we make sure you have all of the information you need. We will help you fulfill all of your responsibilities during probate. This ensures you will not have to face any risk of liability toward beneficiaries or tax establishments later on. In certain cases, the probate of a will may lead to a dispute that can only be resolved through litigation.

The Wisconsin probate attorneys at our estate planning law firm can handle cases involving challenges of undue influence and help you defend or contest a will. We can also represent parties in proceedings for the removal of the executor or personal representative of a will. If you need assistance with issues involving the probate of an estate, with or without a will, contact a probate lawyer at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. Our firm represents clients in the Milwaukee area and all of Southeast Wisconsin. But, we can also represent executors who live out of state. We’ll offer the assistance you need to protect your rights during the probate process.

Wisconsin Trust Administration and Litigation

Trust administration is an area of the law which requires significant expertise in both legal and financial matters, however not all law firms are equipped to handle the issues associated with trust administration. Our Wisconsin estate planning attorneys have the experience and practical skills to assist with the creation, administration, and litigation of trusts. We can provide legal advocacy in the following areas:

  • Preparation of living trusts
  • Transfer of assets to a trust
  • Management and sale of trust property
  • Appointment of a trustee
  • Execution of trust responsibilities
  • Trust administration duties and responsibilities
  • Tax issues relating to trust administration

Our Wisconsin trust administration attorneys can guide you throughout the lifetime of a trust, from its creation through its final distribution. We also provide strong representation for individuals and families involved in trust litigation claims. If you have any questions about your responsibilities as an executor or trustee, or if you need help preserving your financial rights as a beneficiary or heir, probate attorneys and trust administration lawyers can provide assistance. Our estate planning and administration services for individuals and families span across the Milwaukee area and throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Take advantage of our expertise by scheduling a free initial consultation with a probate and trust administration attorneys.

If you need assistance with probates or trust administration, contact our Wisconsin estate planning lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

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