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Title 19 Wisconsin Legal Advocacy

Menomonee Falls Elder Law Attorneys for Medicaid and Disability Planning

If you are approaching retirement, this is the time when you need to start making informed choices about your financial future and long-term medical care. When you start facing an entirely new and difficult set of issues in your life, including Title 19 in Wisconsin (Medicaid planning) and disability planning, we are here to help. Our Wisconsin elder law attorneys work closely with you, your family, and your financial advisors to protect your Medicaid eligibility and put health and financial directives in place for your future care. With our knowledge of elder law and our vast experience with disability planning, estate planning, and Title 19 planning, we can help you secure long-term care without draining your assets.

Medicaid Planning (Title 19) in Wisconsin

old man sitting on a benchThe rules relating to Wisconsin Medicaid (Title 19) eligibility are complex. The system is currently set up in a manner that requires you to use your available assets to pay for health care before you can qualify for Medicaid. We believe that you should not have to choose between maintaining financial independence and qualifying for health coverage.

Our Menomonee Falls estate planning lawyers have extensive experience with Medicaid planning. We work with you to arrange your assets in a manner which will protect your Title 19 eligibility. But, without forcing you to deplete your finances. We have a variety of financial planning tools at our disposal to help you reduce your overall net worth. So ,you are in strict compliance with rules for Medicaid eligibility.

Depending on the current state of your finances, your health, and your estate planning goals, we can discuss asset divestiture options and a variety of financial planning strategies. The Wisconsin estate planning attorneys at our firm have been providing Medicaid planning services to individuals throughout the Milwaukee area for decades. We stay on top of the rules. While relating to Title 19 eligibility, we offer asset preservation strategies which are both legitimate and time-tested.

To learn more about how we can assist with Medicaid planning and related elder law issues, please contact our office in Menomonee Falls.

How to Live in a Nursing Home without Going Bankrupt

The decision to move into a nursing home is difficult. Even for the well-off, paying for a facility is a financial burden many individuals and families cannot afford.

Insurance and Medicaid are little help, especially since Medicaid does not start until an individual’s financial resources are used up.

The Milwaukee elder care lawyers at McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C. help families and their loved ones afford nursing home care without going bankrupt. Learn more about avoiding financial hardship while living in a nursing home.

Fraud Against Seniors: Why Scammers Target the Elderly

Most people work hard throughout their adult lives, saving for retirement. Whether they enter a nursing home, live with relatives or by themselves, senior citizens count on their life savings to see them through their golden years. Unfortunately, scammers see others’ life savings as their way to get rich.

The elderly are often the target of financial scams for a number of reasons. Seniors usually have enough liquid assets to make them a viable target. They can also be isolated, making them more likely to trust a stranger who suddenly takes an interest in them. And they are often too embarrassed to admit they’ve been scammed to seek help. In addition, the elderly are perceived as being weaker and more easily tricked than other segments of society. Therefore, making them the target of many scams.

If you suspect you or another has been wrongfully defrauded of money, contact the authorities and the elder law attorneys at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. The Police can stop the scammers from defrauding others in the future. But, you need legal help to recover the money they’ve already taken.

Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly Come in Many Forms

While scams come in many shapes and sizes, they all tend to begin similarly. Almost all people trying to defraud the elderly attempt to build a level of trust first. It may be an email, phone call or face to face meeting. But, the scam is designed to build trust and then take as much money as possible. Here are several common forms of fraud perpetrated against the elderly:

  • Unexpected Money Scams: 
    • Sudden windfalls from lotteries, inheritances and other unexpected sources of large sums of money are often used as bait. And, used to collect sensitive financial information. A variant of this scam asks the victim to send money to pay for taxes. And, as a result, finder’s fees or similar administrative costs before receiving the non-existent money.
  • Housing Scams: 
    • Senior citizens who own their home are subjected to two kinds of scams. Some unscrupulous individuals will attempt to convince the elderly person they should not own a home and will get them to sign over the deed. Others persuade the victim they need some home repairs. While they take an upfront payment and either vanish or pretend to perform them.
  • Fake Product Scams: 
    • By phone or by mail, products at too good to be true prices are offered to seniors. The telemarketer or direct mailer collects payment and then either sends nothing or a box containing dirt, rocks or something similar.

Regardless of the type of scam, seniors should contact the authorities and the lawyers at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. immediately. We offer free, confidential consultations and, unlike scam artists, we do not require upfront payments.

Wisconsin Disability Planning Legal Advocacy

A serious injury, illness, or car accident can leave you unable to make decisions concerning your health and your financial affairs. The best way to prepare for any kind of disability or incapacity is to put legal directives in place. These directives will clearly express your wishes.

The Wisconsin disability planning attorneys at our firm can assist with the preparation of advanced financial and health directives. These will designate a trusted agent to make decisions on your behalf and/or clearly state your preferences. Everything from the management of your bank accounts to life-preserving medical treatment. We can also assist with the creation of wills and trusts to ensure that your assets are protected and transferred in the manner of your choice. You cannot always plan for the unexpected. But, you can take steps to ensure your wishes are communicated to your loved ones.

At McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C., we have a vast amount of resources and practical knowledge at our disposal to assist with Medicaid and disability planning. We bring all of our expertise to bear when protecting the interests of our clients. Want to discuss Medicaid and disability planning strategies with the elder law attorneys at our firm? Please contact our office in Menomonee Falls today.

If you’re in need of assistance with Medicaid or disability planning, contact our Wisconsin estate planning attorneys to learn more about our elder law advocacy.

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