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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer WisconsinMotorcycles and the call of the open road have often appealed to the sense of freedom for riders. As the price of gas has increased over the years, more commuters and travelers are turning to motorcycles to save money. Unfortunately, freedom and cost savings cannot prevent hazards in the road, carelessness of other drivers, poor road conditions, or other accident causes.

As a motorcyclist, even with protective gear you are likely to suffer severe personal injuries or even death if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. These accidents are likely to have long-term medical consequences and you need a Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyer familiar with all of the costs you may incur. When preparing your case and setting a number for damages, our motorcycle accident attorneys will take a number of financial issues into account. These financial issues may include your loss of income, accrued and expected hospital charges, occupational therapy or rehabilitative therapy costs, adaptive living technology, long-term nursing assistance fees and your pain and suffering. Our Menomonee personal injury attorney will build a comprehensive, detailed case and fight aggressively to alleviate every financial burden left due to your injuries.

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Provide Risk Free Representation

motorcycle accident on the roadBased in Menomonee Falls, our lawyers have successfully represented motorcycle accident victims in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Germantown, Mequon, and throughout Southeast Wisconsin. We want you to place your trust in us and allow us to get you the full amount of damages you deserve. We offer a free consultation for your motorcycle accident case and we work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we don’t collect a single fee until your case is won.

Our Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorneys understand the stress you are under due to your accident, and we eliminate any further stress which may occur throughout your personal injury case. We know you are probably not able to be up and around after your accident. Have your representative contact us to schedule a free consultation. Let us take one burden off your mind and fight for the compensation you deserve.


young male motor-cyclist suffering at home after accidentWisconsin is home to many bikers cruising the streets and freeways in summer. Unfortunately, accidents happen and the vast majority of motorcycle crashes result in serious injury or death. Even minor wrecks can cause significant injury to riders. Here is a list of the three most common types of motorcycle accident injuries in Wisconsin.

1)    Head, Neck and Brain Injury

Almost any motorcycle collision can cause skull fractures, brain injury and severe whiplash. Helmets decrease the likelihood of fatal head injuries, but even the best helmet cannot prevent some neck damage or concussions. Neck injuries caused by motorcycle crashes range from minor stiffness up to and including total paralysis.

2)    Broken Arm and Leg

Humans instinctively cover their head with their arms in the moments immediately before an impact. This defensive maneuver may reduce the severity of a head injury, but it results in broken or severely bruised arms. Biker’s Arm is a term often used to describe the injury motorcycle riders sustain to their arms because of a crash. Broken, shattered legs are also common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. Sometimes, riders escape with only bruised feet or knees, but many accidents result in permanently disabling injuries to the legs.

3)    Road Rash and Severe Skin and Muscle Damage

Bikers are often thrown from their motorcycle by a crash and slide along the pavement. Although it may not sound like a severe injury, road rash is actually the pavement grinding off layers of skin, damaging muscle and nerve tissue. The affected areas are at an increased risk of infection, adding complications to the already significant trauma of extensive scrapes and deep scratches.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, do not forego medical treatment. Many motorcycle crash related injuries are not immediately apparent but, left untreated, can result in permanent disability or death. Be sure to seek medical attention immediately and then contact the experienced motorcycle crash attorneys at McLario Firm for no-win-no-fee representation and maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.


broken and wrecked moto on roadWhen you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, there are a lot of expenses to cover. Medical bills, lost wages and other financial concerns can add up to millions of dollars. Uninsured and underinsured drivers causing accidents are probably unable to pay the full amount due. Winning a lawsuit at trial or securing a large cash settlement is only one part of getting the compensation you deserve. McLario Firm’s experienced vehicle accident lawyers know what defendants to name in your motorcycle accident case and where the deep pockets are to make sure you receive the money you have been awarded. Victims of vehicular incidents in Menomonee Falls and the surrounding area know they can trust McLario Firm to pursue their personal injury case and get the compensation they are owed.

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