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July 29th, 2022 |

Wedding Legal Contracts 101: Clauses Your Wedding Contracts Should Contain

Reading Time: 2 minutes A contract is defined as a legally binding document that outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties in a business relationship. Don’t know what to look for? Here are some clauses your Wisconsin contract attorney should include.

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June 20th, 2022 |

Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Congratulations to you and your significant for deciding to tie the knot. While we can’t help you with the “Should we have roses or hydrangeas”, we can help you answer the question: “Do I need a Wisconsin Family Law Attorney?” 

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February 1st, 2022 |

Conversations to have before you walk down the aisle

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting married is a big decision. You’re tying yourself spiritually and legally to someone dear to you and doing it right means having a few important conversations before walking down the aisle. Even if you’re not tying the knot in National Weddings Month, this is still a good time to show your love and make sure you and your beloved are doing everything right. 

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July 29th, 2021 |

10 apps for new parents

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a new parent, getting help and quality tips at your fingertips could make all the difference in your parenting choices. There are several parenting apps available to assist you with parenting guides and tips so that you have the resources and information you need for your infant at all times. 

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December 1st, 2020 |

How to make Child Custody Agreement Changes for the Holidays

Reading Time: 2 minutes Holidays present challenges in child custody situations. Sometimes it may be necessary to change a child custody agreement to accommodate holiday plans and other events. When changing a child custody agreement, it is important that the details are understood by both parties, so as to prevent conflict and disagreement.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid After A Crash

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