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Our Wisconsin attorneys always want what’s best for new and prospective clients, beginning with delivering the best possible information regarding legal issues. With over 60 years of experience, our lawyers’ practices cover a wide range of legal areas including personal injury, estate planning, business formation, real estate law, criminal law and family law. Exceptional experience in tandem with the highest level of competency allows our lawyers to provide you the most comprehensive and invaluable legal information. Our Menomonee Falls lawyers provide this information solely for research and educational purposes.


Drowsy Driving Accidents: Why You Shouldn’t Drive Sleepy

May is Better Sleep Month, which is designed to help people develop improved sleeping habits. Ultimately, sleep can help you improve your overall health and wellness. Being rested is exceptionally important when you’re on the road. In fact, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when you’re drowsy is putting your life and the life […]

Spring Is Back And So Are The Motorcycles

When warm weather returns each spring, there is nothing more fun than pulling out your motorcycle and riding down the highway. While this is fun, it can come to a screeching halt when a negligent and careless driver shares the road with you. When this happens, serious accidents result that can keep you busy with […]

Why Your Estate Plan Needs “Spring Cleaning” Too!

Death is not something that you take pleasure in thinking about and we often only associate estate planning with death. However, if you have accumulated money, property, and assets over your lifetime, you want to ensure that you pass them down to the people you have chosen. A will is the primary instrument for doing […]

How to Approach Your Taxes After Receiving Workers Compensation

When you receive workers’ compensation benefits, the income can indeed be a lifesaver in terms of helping you and your family pay bills and other expenses. However, when it comes to filing your taxes, you will likely have questions regarding this income. Since you may be receiving other benefits as well, such as Social Security […]

How to Set Up Your Estate Plan While Avoiding As Many Taxes As Possible

When setting up an estate plan, one of the first thoughts most people have is trying to avoid paying as many taxes as possible. While this may seem impossible, it may actually be much easier than most people realize. But to make sure all goes well, it is always best to have expert legal guidance […]

How is an Estate Account Taxed?

When people die their estate becomes a separate legal entity that must pass through the probate process if their personal wealth has not been protected by a trust transfer before the date of their passing. While many people are prepared for this eventuality, others who die unexpectedly will often face this taxation dilemma with their […]


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