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Keeping Mom and Dad Safe – The Signs of Elder Abuse

Selecting a care facility or caregiver for an aging parent is never an easy process. In addition to price, services and amenities, knowing that the staff will treat them with the utmost care and respect is a top priority. Sadly, elder abuse is a common issue for individuals 60 and older. According to the National […]

Am I Responsible if a Holiday Party Guest Received a OWI?

The holiday season is filled with festivities and merriment as we celebrate the season with family and friends. Unfortunately, drinking and driving can also be a part of the holiday season as party-goers overindulge. If an individual causes an accident and is intoxicated, it is no surprise that in addition to potential criminal charges, individuals […]

The Most Wonderful Time to Discuss Your Estate Plan

Spending time with family and celebrating the holidays generally go hand-in-hand. While the holidays offer moments for special family memories, they might not seem like the optimal time to have a serious conversation about your estate plan. We would suggest, however, that the most wonderful time of the year might also be the perfect opportunity […]

Tips to Avoid and Unwanted Holiday Accident

The holidays are in full swing and with this comes an onslaught of holiday parties, decorating and other jolly festivities. While the Christmas season is touted as the “most wonderful time of the year,” it can also be an opportunity for mishaps and accidents. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe […]

Am I Negligent for an Accident During a Winter Storm?

While we are currently enjoying a mild start to December 2017, snow and ice will most likely be a part of the Southeast Wisconsin winter weather forecast at some point to come. With the onset of inclement conditions comes an opportunity for perilous driving conditions. In addition to following standard traffic laws, when winter weather […]

Do You Have a Valid Slip and Fall Claim?

We have all had a moment when our feet just seem to get the best of us and we end up on the ground. While a slip and fall accident is often caused by our own misstep, there are times when it can happen as a result of some else’s negligence. Here are some things […]


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