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Menomonee Falls Attorneys Share Legal Advice and Information

Our Wisconsin attorneys always want what’s best for new and prospective clients, beginning with delivering the best possible information regarding legal issues. With over 60 years of experience, our lawyers’ practices cover a wide range of legal areas including personal injury, estate planning, business formation, real estate law, criminal law and family law. Exceptional experience in tandem with the highest level of competency allows our lawyers to provide you the most comprehensive and invaluable legal information. Our Menomonee Falls lawyers provide this information solely for research and educational purposes.


Catastrophic Accidents that lead to Spinal Cord Injuries

September is Spinal Cord Injury Month. Learn how spinal cord injuries often occur so you can prevent it happening to you or if it does happen you know how to get the care and support you need. Spinal cord injuries are severe injuries that can lead to permanent damage, affecting one’s mobility, among other things. […]

The 5 Most Frequent Worker’s Compensation Questions

The McLario Firm gets plenty of questions from both blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals wanting to know more about workers’ compensation claims. As your law firm for life when a potential legal matter is on your mind we’re here. You don’t have to wait until the bills are overwhelming, creditors are calling, or a claim […]

How to Leave a Legacy to Your Grandchildren  

Grandchildren are amazing, and you want to ensure yours will have something to remember so your legacy lives on and perhaps that they have an easier life than you had. It’s easier than you think. What Happens if I Don’t Have a Will? If you do not have a will, the process can become incredibly […]

Pain Awareness Month

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Work Injury September is pain awareness month, whether you have been through pain for injuries, worry about how a work injury could impact you and your family or you’ve seen someone else struggle in the aftermath of a work injury it’s helpful to talk to an experience […]

Drunk Driving Can Lead to Injury or Death, Devastation to Families, and Criminal Charges

When a family member is injured or killed by a drunk driver, the driver, the victim, and all families suffer. In fact, problems due to financial stress and harsh consequences can affect families for years. Learn more about drunk driving and how it can affect you or someone you know. Wisconsinites don’t need an excuse […]

Common Summertime Juvenile Crimes

According to statistics, juvenile crimes tend to spike in the summer months by as much as 35%. The reasons behind it vary. However, the most common assumption is that because they are on break, there are more opportunities for them to be beyond any strict supervision or a more definitive structure. For youth alleged juvenile […]


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