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Menomonee Falls Attorneys Share Legal Advice and Information

Our Wisconsin attorneys always want what’s best for new and prospective clients, beginning with delivering the best possible information regarding legal issues. With over 60 years of experience, our lawyers’ practices cover a wide range of legal areas including personal injury, estate planning, business formation, real estate law, criminal law and family law. Exceptional experience in tandem with the highest level of competency allows our lawyers to provide you the most comprehensive and invaluable legal information. Our Menomonee Falls lawyers provide this information solely for research and educational purposes.


Legal Professionals Will Handle Your Legal Matters: Saves You Dollars, Time & Stress

When you are facing a legal issue, you need the best possible representation to protect your rights. Finding the right lawyer for your case is crucial. The McLario Firm has a championship team of Lawyers, Associate Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and support staff ready to join your team and provide the experienced representation you deserve. […]

How Do Attorneys Bill for Services?

Lawyers charge for their services based on various factors, including the case’s complexity and how much time it takes to settle or win. The most common method of billing is hourly, but some lawyers use a subscription services model and others bill by the project or case. Retainer Fee Lawyers will generally begin with a […]

Support for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence in Southeastern Wisconsin, just like any other, occurs when someone demonstrates abusive behavior toward their partner. It doesn’t always mean physical violence and there isn’t always visible signs of the abuse. While some forms of domestic violence don’t leave marks on the outside they can have lasting effects on the victim’s emotional and […]

5 Steps to Start a Small Business

Starting a business is an exciting opportunity in your life. There are a few legal considerations to take while undertaking the journey. McLario provides a few legal steps to starting a business to begin your new entrepreneurial adventure. Step 1 Choose a Business Name How to Choose a Name for Your Business First brainstorm a […]

5 Car Accident FAQs that will save you time and money

When you get into an accident, the first thing that comes to mind is often “what do I do now?”. The important thing is that you don’t have to panic or figure it out alone. The attorneys at The McLario Firm in Menomonee Falls, WI are here to answer all your questions. Download this helpful […]

Take control of what happens to you if you are incapacitated

At the McLario Firm we believe that everyone 18 years old or older should have a plan in place in case they are incapacitated and unable to make their own decisions. At this point as a legal adult your parents don’t have automatic rights to your health care information and to make decisions on your […]


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