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January 11th, 2023 |

Wisconsin Marriages are Made to be Broken

By Attorney Alan L. Spiegel The Mclario Firm

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As a Christian attorney with a busy family law practice, I understand as well as anyone that divorce, legal separation and custody situations happen to people from all faith backgrounds. This article will explain some of the pillars upon which Wisconsin’s family law are built to raise awareness of where our state stands on the institution of marriage. While most of the laws are in place in part to protect victimized spouses, they unfortunately often serve to encourage the breakup of families.

1). “No Fault” — Wisconsin is one of many states that employ a “No Fault” divorce procedure to avoid the expense and stress of forcing parties seeking a divorce to prove grounds for dissolving their marriage. While this landscape may allow abuse victims to escape their marriage without having to prove the misdeeds of their accusers, it also prevents non-abusive spouses from defending their marriages, as one vote to end a marriage is all a Wisconsin judge needs to grant a divorce.

2). Marital Property — Wisconsin is a “marital property” state, which generally means that a person is the owner of half of the assets accumulated during a marriage and, in longer-term marriages, half of the income received for a period of time after the marriage is complete. Once again, the state legislature elected to adopt this system to protect stay-at-home parents and disab …

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