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December 23rd, 2022 |

Support for Domestic Violence Victims

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Domestic violence in Southeastern Wisconsin, just like any other, occurs when someone demonstrates abusive behavior toward their partner. It doesn’t always mean physical violence and there isn’t always visible signs of the abuse. While some forms of domestic violence don’t leave marks on the outside they can have lasting effects on the victim’s emotional and mental health.

Domestic Violence Victim Defenses

Perpetrators of domestic violence often try to get charges against them dismissed or reduced. They are often able to hide their behavior from others so that many don’t believe the victim or pressure the victim to not press charges. There are several defenses McLario can use to protect you and your rights if you have experience domestic abuse.

As lawyers for domestic violence victims, we will work to get restraining orders, facilitate divorce proceedings, and secure temporary support. Here are a few defenses we will look into:

Defense of Self-Defense

The defense of self-defense is an important defense in any case of domestic violence. This defense allows victims to claim that they have been subjected to a violent attack or domestic abuse.  If you as a victim felt you were in danger of harm, you can make a self-defense claim.

The victim should be able to prove that they used no more force than necessary to defend themselves from harm when they were attacked by their attacker(s).

Victims must prove that they feared for their life or safety when they responded with force against their attacker. For this defense to hold up against a violent person, the victim must show that their attacker was very large or had a weapon that threatened them with it.

No-Contact Order

Another defense is the no-contact order. This order prevents the perpetrator from making any contact with the victim. The court will give this temporary order until a full hearing can be held to determine whether it should remain in place permanently.

Restraining Order

You can also file for protective orders, commonly known as restraining orders, against your abuser. Protective orders can include limiting where they can go and prohibiting them from coming near you.

The McLario Firm is dedicated to helping domestic violence victims in Ozaukee County and Milwaukee, WI get the help they deserve. They can provide you with the competent domestic violence lawyers Wisconsin offers. If you are a victim of domestic violence, reach out to McLario Firm today for a free consultation.

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