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December 23rd, 2022 |

Pain Awareness Month

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What to Do in the Aftermath of a Work Injury

September is pain awareness month, whether you have been through pain for injuries, worry about how a work injury could impact you and your family or you’ve seen someone else struggle in the aftermath of a work injury it’s helpful to talk to an experience Milwaukee attorney that can confidentially answer your questions and get you the resources you need.

Here are three recommendations for what to do in the aftermath of a Milwaukee work injury.

Focus on Healing

If you have not recovered completely after a workplace injury, focusing on getting better before returning to work is crucial. Returning to work too soon can exacerbate your injury and make it more difficult to heal properly. If you are worried about returning to work for financial reasons, talk to your local Menomonee Falls workers compensation lawyer about filing a workers’ compensation claim. They can work on your behalf and not even make your employer aware that they have been consulted with unless there is a dispute. Even better they can assist you at no-cost unless there is a dispute. It’s true.

Is it too late to file a worker’s comp claim?

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

It is important to follow what your doctor prescribes to recover properly from a workplace injury. This includes getting enough rest, taking medications as prescribed, physical therapy, and not returning to work until your doctor clears you. You might feel pressure to return to work as quickly as possible but think about your future and how important recovering now is to your livelihood. Attorneys can help you understand your rights and how to navigate these situations.

Will my job be in jeopardy if a file a workers compensation claim?

Talk to an Attorney

If you are not sure what to do after a workplace injury, or if you are having trouble getting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Who Pays for Medical Care when a Labor is Hurt on the Job?

When to seek legal assistance when you are injured?

Milwaukee work injury lawyers will help you navigate the workers’ compensation system, gather the evidence you need to support your claim, and advocate for the benefits you deserve.

When you call The McLario Firm for your free consultation, one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will meet with you to discuss your claim. We will review your injuries, how they happened, and what benefits you may be entitled to. We will also answer any questions about the workers’ compensation process and what to expect going forward.

The McLario Firm is Your Law Firm for Life. Call us today for a free consultation during this pain awareness month. You don’t have to go through it alone any longer. You deserve the care, support, and time to get well.

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