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November 28th, 2022 |

How To Get the Estate Planning Process Started

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Now that you’ve learned all about your options, and have started thinking about how you want to handle your estate, it’s important to take action. There are three main ways to get started:

  1. DIY: This involves researching the process and creating a will yourself without the help of any services or professionals. While this may end up being better than nothing, there are a lot of risks to creating your own estate planning documents, and it’s much better to get professional help. Every state is different, and if you do the process incorrectly, it could cause numerous headaches and hurdles for your family down the road.
  2. Online Will Creation Services: While this has been an emerging industry for a while, the COVID-19 Pandemic really created a need for people to turn to virtual and remote solutions for many services, including estate planning. There are more quality services than ever, and much like getting your taxes done online, it can be a great fit for many people with relatively simple situations. The services are getting ever more sophisticated, and so can handle many more unique situations and circumstances. This is generally a fairly inexpensive route to take, and provides a lot of value for the majority of families, making it a solid choice for most. For more information and reviews of the top services, read our guide to The Best Online Wills Services.
  3. An Attorney: Trusts and Estates Attorneys are always a safe choice as they can provide the most individualized solutions and should be the most familiar with the specific laws and regulations in your state. While this is likely the most expensive option, it’s well worth it for those with unique situations and a lot of assets. You can learn more below about securing the services of an attorney below.

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