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August 3rd, 2022 |

Drunk Driving Can Lead to Injury or Death, Devastation to Families, and Criminal Charges

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When a family member is injured or killed by a drunk driver, the driver, the victim, and all families suffer. In fact, problems due to financial stress and harsh consequences can affect families for years. Learn more about drunk driving and how it can affect you or someone you know.

Wisconsinites don’t need an excuse to enjoy a beer as we are Brew City, but we also recognize that certain occasions may lead individuals to overindulge. As we celebrate International Beer Day on August 5 whether you will be drinking in the backyard, at the Lakefront or Miller Brewery, or a local pub stay safe. Participating in celebrations like these can increases the likelihood of drunk driving, accidents, and injuries. Need information about drunk driving laws? Milwaukee drunk driving accident attorneys can help you.


Drunk driving can lead to car accidents, injuries, or even death. Plus, breaking drunk driving laws may result in fines, driver’s license revocation, and jail time. A drunk driving defense lawyer Wisconsin can give your family legal assistance for extra peace of mind.

Avoid drunk driving by using these alternatives:

  1. Designate a non-drinking driver
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol alone and drink plenty of water
  3. Try drinking nonalcoholic beverages
  4. Never allow others to make you feel pressured to drink alcohol
  5. Call a taxi or Uber for a ride


If you were driving while intoxicated and injured someone, you may face criminal charges and civil consequences. Injuring or killing someone due to drunk driving can affect you emotionally and your relationships with those closest to you. After getting charged and convicted of a DUI there will be a rate increase or even cancellation of your automobile insurance.

drunk driving defense attorney in Menomonee Falls can help you make informed decisions on what to do next, understand your rights, and defend your rights. Need additional help? The McLario Firm—Your Law Firm for Life, is ready to assist you.

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