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August 3rd, 2022 |

Common Summertime Juvenile Crimes

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According to statistics, juvenile crimes tend to spike in the summer months by as much as 35%. The reasons behind it vary. However, the most common assumption is that because they are on break, there are more opportunities for them to be beyond any strict supervision or a more definitive structure.

For youth alleged juvenile crimes, it’s best that they immediately consult with juvenile law lawyers as these crimes can follow them into adulthood and the impact the rest of their lives. A juvenile defense lawyers’ professional knowledge of the law can help build a strong defense to counter the allegations and ensure one mistake doesn’t ruin a life.

Here are a few of the more common juvenile crimes that tend to increase in summer.


Curfews prevent youth from getting in trouble. Trespassing, alcohol consumption, and truancy are some of the occurrences often associated with curfew offenses.


There are distinct categories of theft, with each one having its own corresponding penalties. Shoplifting is one example of theft, and under the laws of Wisconsin, this charge may fall under retail theft. The weight of the penalty will depend on the value of the items allegedly shoplifted.


Underage drinking, using a fake id, or driving under the influence (DUI) charges can be severe and may put a permanent stain on one’s record.


Juvenile drug possession or use crimes may have a long-lasting impact on their individual record. The penalties may also be harsh and severe, especially depending on the circumstances. Penalties may include fines, supervision, and damages. While some states may have legalized certain drug use it’s important to understand both state law and employment law if you use in another state and return to work.

A Milwaukee criminal lawyer is your best resource to mitigate or avoid criminal penalties for these types of juvenile offenses. As a family firm the best policy to avoid the crime in the first place but we know life happens and when it does, we are here for you to ensure one wrong decision doesn’t ruin your child’s life.

Get help from The McLario Firm—Your Law Firm for Life. We are well-versed in Milwaukee juvenile law and can help you navigate this stressful situation. Call us today to set up a consultation!

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