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Summer Work-Related Injuries

woman suffering from headacheSummer in Milwaukee feels so short and while we work fast and furious to get out of work and enjoy summer the haste and temperature of the season can make it one of the riskiest, according to Milwaukee workers compensation experts. May of these work-related injuries are particularly common in construction, lawn care, firefighters, factory workers, baggage handlers, and road crews. Here are some of the most common summer work injuries.

Common Work Injuries that increase in the Summer

Feeling the Heat

The first and primary problem with heat is how fast it can strip the body of moisture. Both in dry heat as well as in humid environments, dehydration is a real health risk. Allowed to go too far for too long, a worker can become seriously sick with heat exhaustion, the first sign of serious and high-risk dehydration. Already, the body is in overload in these conditions and needs removal from the heat with both water and salt intake as well as cool air for four to eight hours.

Allowed to get worse, a dehydration situation can turn into heat stroke. The body’s ability to cool itself down completely shuts off and the internal temperature rises to the point of brain damage. It is a serious risk, and far more common than many employers think. Therefore, it is so important to focus on hydration and worker safety first in high-heat projects, not project completion.

Clumsiness is Common

When the body is not hydrated enough or exhausted from the heat, the brain is not working at full capacity. In fact, what is oftentimes happening is that the body is shutting down unnecessary functions to protect critical organs. Doing so, people are not always the most attentive and falls become a real risk and injury cause. Also, when rushing to get off the job site safety protocols sometimes are missed.

Being outside, whether on a roof or in the field, that fall can become a serious, life-threatening injury very quickly. Again, hydration, safety awareness, worker monitoring, and safety restraints have become critical to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place, as many Milwaukee work injury lawyers have proven.

Reckless Driving

Guess who is out of school? High schoolers — that means lots of inexperienced drivers are on the road. No surprise, car accidents go up in the summer as well. The impact of a serious accident can be tremendous, and recovery can be long and hard, covering years after the fact from injuries.

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Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Representation

With these possible risks in summer, solid representation is the key to allow you to not have to worry about medical bills and focus on recovery. Whether it is from a work-induced heat condition or being a victim of a teenager pedal-happy in their first car, a good law firm like the McLario Firm makes the difference in getting your life back with the protections you deserve. Call the McLario Firm now for a free consultationYour Law Firm for Life!


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