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July 26th, 2022 |


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Happy Independence Day! This is a time to celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans and a time to reflect on the sacrifices our forefathers made to secure our liberty. Most Americans celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks and barbeques, but there are many other ways to enjoy and recognize this holiday that aren’t front of mind. If you’re looking for something a little different this year, we have suggestions:

1.  Learn About the History of July 4th

One of the best ways to celebrate your Independence Day is to reflect back on those elementary school days and brush up on what we learned about this date. Maybe read aloud the Declaration of Independence at your backyard BBQ. Is anyone on your invite list a new U.S. citizen? They may love to read it to everyone! You can also gather up your family and/or friends and visit historical sites that played a role in the American Revolution. Make a day trip out of it! This will give you a greater appreciation for all the freedoms we cherish every day.

2.  Take a Veteran to Lunch or Visit the Graves of Fallen Soldiers 

The 4th is a time to remember the men and women who have served our country. If you know a veteran, show your kindness and offer to take them to lunch or coffee, or invite them to your barbeque, to thank them for their service. You can also take an hour of your day to visit the graves of fallen soldiers and leave a flower or flag. This is a great way to show respect and to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us as a nation.


3.  Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering in your community is always the right thing to do, and it is a selfless way to show patriotism while giving back. Many communities have events planned and they can always use extra help. From block parties to parades, there are opportunities for everyone of all ages to get involved. Check with your local community center or city hall to see what’s out there, or search online for volunteer opportunities in your area. Raise your hand to pitch in!

4.  Find Out What Freedom Means to You – Write a Poem, Song or Take Time to Reflect

We understand we’re not all poets or songwriters, right? We get that. This 4th of July you may feel compelled to take some time to reflect, or maybe even take pen to paper and think about what freedom means to you. Ask yourself: what is its meaning to me? These thoughts and writing them down may help you understand a deeper meaning to your celebration and freedoms.


5.  Create or update your Estate Plan

This may not be the most traditional way to celebrate your independence but spending time on the 4th to create or update your estate plan will ensure freedom in the future for your family members, a sense of peace for them.

So, if you’d like to spend Independence Day by being in control of your and your family’s future, contact The McLario Firm to help you with your estate planning needs, we’d be honored to do so. Call today for a consultation.

Happy Independence Day!

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