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Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

couple holding each others hand with their wedding ringCongratulations to you and your significant for deciding to tie the knot. While we can’t help you with the “Should we have roses or hydrangeas”, we can help you answer the question: “Do I need a Wisconsin Family Law Attorney?”

There’s a benefit to consulting with a family law attorney before the big day when you say, “I do.” Attorneys can point out wedding planning do’s and don’ts that go far beyond “Don’t Seat Packer Fans and Viking Fans at the Same Table.” Here are some things for you to consider on the legal side of planning your wedding:

Do Your Research

Its one thing to tour the venue where you want to have your wedding, but you should also read reviews about it. See if there are any valid complaints – and brides WILL be vocal if they have been wronged. Check about any liabilities – you do not want a nasty surprise on your wedding night.

Don’t Gloss Over the Contract.

Make sure that terms mean exactly what it says and that there are no misunderstandings Otherwise, you might pay more than what you budgeted for or be responsible for a cancelation or damage fee.

Do Make Sure that EVERYTHING is in Writing

There are things in life where a handshake can be enough. This is not one of them. You want every aspect of your wedding in writing, whether it’s via email or otherwise. You need concrete proof if a vendor tries to change a price.

Don’t Forget Your Marriage License

Have your marriage license physically at the ceremony.

Legal matters that come with marriage

The most common marriage misconception.

These are just a couple of things to keep in mind while you are going through the entire process of wedding planning. A little bit of preparation and common sense can save a lot of trouble.

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