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4 of the Most Common Summer Legal Matters & What to Do About Them

Summertime is a fun time to take a break, embark on a road trip, hop a flight, or catch up with long, lost friends. 

But summer is not all fun and games. There are certain risks that are higher in the summer, and some can lead to costly legal problems. 

4 of the most common summer legal matters and what to do about them should they arise:

Swimming Pools

a wet floor signage beside the swimming poolAccording to the CDC, 11 people die from drowning every day in the U.S. The risk is higher during warmer months with increased pool use. Decrease the risk to your family of an accident or liability matter by doing the following:


small family watching the fireworks displayLighting fireworks can be exciting, but also dangerous. With injuries like burns, eye injuries, and damage to fingers and hands spiking during the summer, you should know how to prevent injury:

If you find yourself dealing with one of these unfortunate situations, WI personal injury attorneys can help you or your loved one injured in a firework injury.


drunk man fell asleep while drivingIn Wisconsin, the deadliest 100 days on the road are between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You are 2x likely to be involved in a car accident with an impaired driver. Those numbers have risen since the pandemic. 

If you are injured in a car accident involving an impaired driver, contact The McLario Firm for experienced legal representation. Our WI personal injury attorneys can get you the compensation you deserved to be back on your feet.

Work Injuries

businessman holding a paper with "work injury" written on itMore occupational injuries happen during the summer than other times of the year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are a few common summer work injuries:

If you are injured at work this summer, contact the Wisconsin worker’s compensation attorneys at The McLario Firm.  We can ensure you are protected and are provided the compensation and recovery you are entitled to by law.

*Tune in to TMJ4 The Morning Blend on June 9th from 9-10 or the replay on our YouTube channel to learn more about work injuries that tend to increase in the summer.

If you or a loved one are facing legal challenges this summer, contact The McLario Firm to get the experienced legal representation you deserve. Your Law Firm for Life.


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