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Volunteer Appreciation Month

a group of volunteers working togetherAs a firm for life, we believe that giving back and supporting our community and its volunteers is important.  We are committed to not only volunteering ourselves but challenging others in the Menomonee Falls and greater Milwaukee community to do the same. Our goal is to aspire to positive change in the community by encouraging people throughout the volunteer appreciation month to give back by providing many different ways of making an impact and to celebrate those that volunteer.

Why volunteer?

We all have different reasons for volunteering. What is your motivation? Below are a few points that might spark the volunteering light in you.

The majority of adults (73%) consider themselves lifelong learners. A great way to develop a new skill is to volunteer in an area of work that is new to you. Volunteering linked to specific abilities is excellent for the brain because it helps develop your latent talents.

Volunteering is a popular alternative to paid vacation in the United States. According to statistics from Volunteers of America, 22% of businesses give paid time off for volunteer work. Check with your employer offers these incentives and make the most of those hours by doing volunteer work digitally. For Example, as a Mind Right coach, you could provide mental health for inner-city young people.

It’s not laziness, but a lack of free time which keeps people from volunteering. We understand how busy you are. Did you know that you can virtually volunteer whenever and make a difference in only a few minutes? Start with the Crisis Text Line, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How can you volunteer in your community?

From sending a text to cleaning the side of the road, the opportunities are endless. You can always find openings to volunteer within your community. Here are organizations you can volunteer with near you: ( We will link to all the organizations like this site https://www.servewisconsin.wi.gov/volunteer-1 )

At the McLario Firm our team volunteers in our faith community, we offer free estate planning seminars to educate the community including area high schools and have participated in community events like Al’s Run. It is through our combined efforts that we can truly change a life, a community, and our world. Thank you to all our volunteers.

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