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Take Your Child to Work

a little boy with his eye glasses on smiling in front of a laptop and his mug of coffeeWhat You Should Know About Child Labor Laws  

Every year on the fourth Thursday of April kids get to experience what their parents do at work. While there are exceptions to the rules for this special day knowing the laws regarding child labor is key to making sure both you as an employer and your children are both safe and protected. You want to ensure you are not on the wrong side of the law, especially if you have a few minors running errands in the office. We can advise you on such matters and review the appropriate labor laws that may apply to you.

Guidelines When Employing a Minor in Wisconsin

1.   Ages and Field of work

Minors are permitted to work if they are less than 14 years old. There are several areas these minors can work in. These areas include:

2.   Work Permits

Wisconsin employers hiring minors are responsible for ensuring that the minor has acquired the work permit. This permit must be presented to them before starting work. The Wisconsin Department of Labor is in charge of issuing work permits to minors. Talk to a Wisconsin business lawyer for additional clarifications about hiring minors in your company.

3.   Employment-Related Injury

It’s risky business hiring a minor without a work permit. It could result in you paying a workers’ compensation settlement if the minor is injured at work. The compensation could DOUBLE if the child was doing prohibited work and gets injured.

If your company is planning on hiring a minor, first talk to a business lawyer in the Milwaukee area to know whether the minor can work in your field. The McLario Firm is a full-service law firm in Menomonee Falls with a team of attorneys that will help ensure you do not make any mistakes that can land you in trouble.


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