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Distracted Driving in Wisconsin

man holding a bottle of alcoholic beverage fell asleep while drivingApril is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. During this time the Wisconsin state patrol is extra vigilant and emphasizes the importance of drivers paying attention to the road.

What activities should I avoid while driving?
• Eating or drinking
• Talking or texting on the phone
• Adjusting the entertainment, stereo, or navigation system
• Talking to other people

Texting is the most common distraction that easily takes your eyes off the road.

Sending a simple one-word text message while behind the wheel is enough of a distraction to
cause an accident injuring yourself and potentially other drivers. Handling your cell phone while driving is not only dangerous,
but it is also illegal.

What statutes cover distracted driving in Wisconsin?
• Texting ban for all drivers
• Distracted driving in general (any activity that limits your ability to drive safely)
• A cell phone use ban by probationary license holders
• A hand-held ban for any drivers in a work zone

29 people lost their life
72% of the drivers were older than 25 *

Tips for Driving Safely

There are multiple distractions every day while driving. Here are a few quick tips to help you develop safe driving habits.
• Put your seat belt on, place your phone down and drive. Simple as that!
• If you NEED to respond to a text or a call, pull over in a safe location before grabbing your phone.
• If you are too tempted to look at your phone, then place it in trunk.

What To Do When You Get Injured

Unfortunately, some people continue to text while driving despite the mentioned dangers. If such a driver hits you,
contact the best Wisconsin attorney that specializes in car accident cases. You are entitled to a settlement as compensation for the damages caused.

At The McLario Firm, we have extensive experience involving car accident cases.

If you need an attorney to handle your personal injury case, give us a call today.

*Source: https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/about-wisdot/newsroom/law/041521AprilDistractedDriving.aspx#:~:text=

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