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22 Random Acts of Kindness for 2022

helping communityIf you are fed up with the stress and worry the last two years has brought us all here are some ways that giving back to others can lighten your spirits and make kindness the norm.  Here are 22 random ways to show a little extra kindness.


  1. Donate food to local food banks.
  2. Donate furniture, kitchenware, or household goods to Goodwill.
  3. Offer to help local food banks organize or distribute their stored goods.
  4. Visit local veterans’ organizations and ask if you can lend a hand.
  5. Locate a senior citizen in your neighborhood and ask if there’s anything you could help them with.


  1. Offer support to those working through estate planning or health issues.
  2. Ask if you can help haul anything if you have a truck or van.
  3. Take them out to lunch or dinner.
  4. Invite them to vent about the family disagreements they’ve been dealing with.
  5. Offer to help with household chores that have fallen to the backburner.


  1. Bring in a box of treats or snacks for an individual or the whole office.
  2. Consider staying late or taking on a little extra work to help someone who has been having a tough time.
  3. Tell a co-worker that you see the great job they have been doing.
  4. Send them a book that will feed their soul.
  5. Leave a friendly message on a post-it note.


  1. Wave and smile.
  2. Donate to a cause they care about.
  3. Surprise them with their driveway shoveled.
  4. Invite them over for dinner.

For Businesses

  1. Leave a glowing review
  2. Double your normal tip
  3. Tell someone else they should visit or call that business


Random Acts of Kindness Week is the perfect opportunity to try new ways of being kind which offers benefits for everyone. If you’re looking for ideas, the Random Acts Kindness website offers many inspiring ideas.


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