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January 29th, 2022 |

5 Alternatives to New Year Resolutions: Live More Purposefully

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January is the best time to start on a new page and #beonpurpose. When you have a purpose, you won’t let anything derail or overwhelm you. Your goal should be to turn your life around and achieve great success beyond your wildest dreams.

Be on purpose and never let past disappointments discourage you from making the right decisions this year. You are still here for a good reason, and to inspire others to believe in themselves as you do. Forge ahead with courage and pursue your passion relentlessly. Never compromise your beliefs, values, and goals just to fit in. You are unique, and your uniqueness is what makes you the force to reckon with.

  • Identify Your Word for the Year – Choosing a word for 2022 can help guide your daily actions and give you purpose each day. Think of a word that resonates with what you want to focus your efforts on in 2022. Tips to selecting your word for 2022 https://mountainmodernlife.com/word-of-the-year/
  • Develop Your Bucket List for 2022 – Create a Bucket List that will help you live your best life. Fill your list with unique experiences and that will leave unforgettable impressions. Don’t know where to start?
  • Create a Don’t Do List – Create a list of actions or thoughts that will impede with your goals and positive outlook on life. For example, don’t work on the weekend or don’t eat processed foods.
  • Join a 30-Day Challenge – 30 Day challenges help you build habits and make it easier to get started. You can pick a 30 Day Challenge for each month of 2022 or just start with one. 30 Day Challenges help you become successful and purposeful in your daily actions with a positive outcome. Need help choosing a challenge- check out these options.
  • Identify your Family Values –
    Discuss in a Family Meeting:

    • What do you believe in as a family?
    • How does your family spend time apart and together?
    • Make sure everyone has a turn to say something.

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