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Legal Matters that Affect Teenagers

a group of teenagers bonding togetherLegal Help for Teens

For teens, life repeatedly throws curveball after curveball. In addition to dealing with growing up, hormones, high school, getting a first job and starting to figure out what to do in life, they also often get exposure to their first legal issues as well. And some of them can follow them into adulthood and have bigger repercussions then they would have anticipated.

Identity Theft

Even before one becomes a teenager these days, identity theft can be a problem. If one’s parents aren’t careful, a teen could find their identity has been stolen from public health or school records and used for fake credit cards and theft. It’s an ugly surprise waiting for more and more teenagers these days without checking early.

Criminal Awareness

Just being a teenager can be risky too. Hanging out with the wrong crowd can expose a teen to behavior issues that also can easily get a kid in trouble with the law via drugs, alcohol and participating in events that they should probably stay clear of.

Teenage Accidents

Driving, of course, involves traffic laws and the safety of all on the road. With a car license comes all the responsibility of driving safely, traffic rules and potential penalties if abused. The combination of youth and a decent car often leans towards the latter, and that can start a teen off early with a record of making bad decisions. Winter driving can be especially problematic with safety and poor road conditions.

How We Can Help

McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel S.C has been helping families for years, especially with laws and legal representation affecting teens. As a team of Milwaukee personal injury, criminal, civil and family lawyers we professionally represent clients through all kinds of matters.

Besides these issues that are often reactive we also provide estate planning for any teens over 18 to ensure they have a health care and financial power of attorney in case they become incapacitated to ensure parents have a direct say in related decisions.

We can help you get through the teen years safely. Contact us today.





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