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Be a Data Privacy Champion

woman touching the digital screenData Privacy Week is here and we want to help you protect the privacy of your data when you are at home, work, or within your community. We know it is imperative to safeguard data to foster trust and respect the privacy of each person. 

Is Your Data Private Property?

Similar to other properties, personal data ownership is able to be transferred. There are laws to protect a lot of data-patents, trade secrets, and copyrights. Milwaukee business attorneys want to ensure your personal and business data is protected. 

How to Own Your Privacy

There is a way to own your personal data, and the “Own Your Own Data Act” wants to ensure this happens. This act is explicit about a user owning their own data. Yet, it also includes the right to also delete that same data. This Act challenges organizations to form an agreement permitting individuals to withdraw the license by a click of the mouse. 

Ways to Be a Data Privacy Champion

Wisconsin business attorneys have come up with a list of 6 ways you can protect your personal data. 

  1. Make getting your name and credit information difficult for other people to access
  2. Avoid putting passwords on your devices
  3. Use passwords that are strong 
  4. Ensure your email and financial accounts have a two-factor authentication process
  5. Avert from shopping online or banking at an internet cafe
  6. Do regular updates to your software

How An Attorney Can Help 

The McLario Law Firm wants to help ensure your privacy is protected. If you fear your privacy has been compromised, and live in the Menomonee Falls area contact us. McLario wants to protect the rights of you and your family and be your law firm for life. We want to ensure the privacy of you, your family, and business are safe and secure.


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