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5 Gratitude Ideas to Support Local

local business5 Gratitude Ideas to Support Local

We recently shared simple ways that you can give back to your community by honoring National Make a Difference Day. As a longstanding small business in Menomonee Falls, the McLario Firm knows how important community support is. Together, we can help our favorite small businesses thrive.

In the spirit of goodwill here are some creative ways to support local small businesses this holiday season.

  1. Small Business Saturday — Commit to shopping small on the first Saturday following Thanksgiving and even better throughout this holiday season. Bypass the deals from Amazon and local box stores to see what smaller companies have to offer. Check out the special events and incentives in the downtown district to explore a new stores or restaurant.
  2. Social Media Support — Take pictures of your delicious meal at a local restaurant and share it on Facebook and Instagram. Visit a small business’ social media page and tag a friend or two. Share positive feedback from a recent visit to a small shop or restaurant. The more social media attention a business receives, the more they thrive offline.
  3. Favorable Reviews — Head over to the Google Business or Yelp for your favorite small businesses and give them a positive review. Securing those reviews is a difficult job that starts soon after launching a new business.
  4. Show Generosity— When you shop a small business, give them a generous tip and have a generous attitude knowing that they might be short staffed or impacted by supply chain shortages. That little bonus is the boost that could make the difference between growing and struggling for some small businesses and helps them retain their staff.
  5. Newsletter and Promotion Follows — Even if you don’t have a dime to spend, follow your favorite businesses online. Most have newsletters and broadcast special deals through social media. It only takes a second to hit follow or give your email address.

Follow us on social media and tell us other creative ways to support local this holiday season and if you are a small business owner, we’d love to hear from you how we can best support your business.


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