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Labor Day Salute to our Essential Workers

happy labor dayLabor Day Salute to our Essential Workers

When Labor Day was first celebrated in September 1882 it was intended to honor organized labor and working people. Now not only is it a 3-day weekend – but it is also a tribute to all the American workers who have contributed to the wellbeing, prosperity, and strength of the country.

We want to honor all the frontline and essential workers and thank them for caring for us every day whether through any weather or circumstance. We want to thank grocery store employees, teachers and caregivers, healthcare workers, postal service workers, transportation and logistics workers, media employees, and others. Essential workers often provide for all the things we take for granted and go without the level of recognition that they deserve.

This year, our mission is to highlight that the work they do makes a difference to our country, communities, and families, and every hardworking individual should be tributed and appreciated for their work.

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