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Fall Season in Wisconsin: How to stay prepared!

fall weatherFall Season in Wisconsin: How to stay prepared!

Fall has arrived in Wisconsin and as you know the weather can quickly turn severe.  Wisconsin homeowners take great pride in their homes. Just as you care for your yard now is the time to prepare your homes inside and out to protect against potentially bitterly cold winter temperatures, impending heavy snowfalls, slippery surfaces, and fires. Our experienced Wisconsin attorneys at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel S.C. offer the following advice for fall preparedness around the home.

Maintain Gutters, Walkways and Steps

Wisconsin accident attorneys often wind-up taking cases from people who slip and fall on wet or icy walkways. A good fall tip is to clean the gutters to drain water and snowmelt. Sweeping the walkways and steps every day keeps them clear of debris. Whenever the weather forecast calls for subfreezing temperatures, you should spread some snowmelt or rock salt on the walkways and steps to prevent ice from forming.

Check Water and Gas Lines

Wintertime means icy cold evenings and using the heater more to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Those subfreezing nights can cause water lines to freeze up and block water flow or burst and potentially trigger indoor flooding. You can insulate your water lines to prevent frozen pipes and check gas connections to the heater and water heater to ensure they are safe.

Keep Snow-Removal Equipment Handy

Wisconsin winters often mean strong storms with lots of snowfall. When a big snowfall comes, it always helps to have a well-maintained snowblower at the ready. A snow blower can help to remove snowfall quickly without causing you to work too hard and possibly suffer an injury while moving potentially heavy snow.  Don’t wait until December for a tune up!  It will cost you more and you might not be able to get it done before it’s too late.

Fire Protect Your Home

Now is the time to change all your smoke detector batteries, get a new fire extinguisher and to revisit your fire escape plan as a family.

Experienced Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Even the best-prepared homes and most cautious homeowners encounter problems. When that happens, the experienced Wisconsin personal injury attorneys at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel S.C. can help to present the best possible legal case. Whether you are an accident victim or a homeowner with a claim against you, our experienced attorneys offer quality legal representation.



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