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10 Safety Tips for Success at School

safety in school
10 Safety Tips for Success at School

Back to school time may seem like going back to the same old routine; however, this is an exciting new adventure for some. With that excitement, it is essential to remember to be safe and refresh yourself on back-to-school safety tips for the road and in the school.

Follow these ten safety tips to ensure you have a safe and smooth start to the new school year. Then, if anything happens, reach out to your favorite Milwaukee personal injury attorneys for assistance and guidance.

  1. Pedestrian Safety — Use sidewalks and crosswalks and obey pedestrian signals when walking to school.
  2. Road Safety — When driving kids to school, leave early to avoid rushing. When you feel rushed, you may make mistakes behind the wheel or miss other drivers who may also be rushing and not paying full attention to the road.
  3. Bicycle SafetyKids riding their bicycles to school need to know the rules of the road and the importance of following rules such as wearing a helmet, walking their bike across the street, and riding with traffic on the right.
  4. Bus Stop Safety — Students should have a safe route to their bus stop planned, including understanding how to cross streets. Remind your child to wait safely on the sidewalk and only cross roads at crosswalks. A legal guardian should always accompany children under the age of 10 to, from, and at the bus stop.
  5. Bus Safety — Students should remain in their seats with seatbelts on while riding the bus. Additionally, for added safety, all aisles should stay clear of backpacks, and students should not be walking the aisles while the bus is in motion.
  6. Car Safety — Children should have their seat belts on when in the car and should only be dropped off in designated areas at the school.
  7. Personal InjuryPay attention to your surroundings to avoid accidents and personal injury.
  8. Premises Liability/Slip and Fall Pay close attention to where you walk, even when on sidewalks around schools. Additionally, if you see a spill or trip hazard, call someone immediately to clean it up.
  9. Teen Drivers — Practice driving with your teens weekly to ensure they are ready to drive to school and not using their phones while driving.
  10. Playground Safety — Kids should avoid wearing anything around their necks when on climbing equipment.

Contact our attorneys today at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel S.C., your Milwaukee slip and fall and car accident attorneys for help if you or your child has been injured during the back-to-school season.


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