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5 Ways Watching the Olympics Connects Family

family watching olympicsAre you watching the Olympics this summer? Take some time to catch some of the Games with your whole family- and bond with one another over the dedication of these amazing athletes and what they will inspire in your family.

  1. Demonstrates Hard Work & How to Overcome Adversity

Discuss all the hard work that went into reaching the Olympics and what goes on day in and day out to get to that pinnacle point. Watch how the athletes handle not just the wins but the losses and injuries as well.  The Olympics is inspiring and this year even more thought provoking on how we can do even better as a country to support the total individual.

  1. Reinforces the Value of a Team

No person is on an island, and this is clearly demonstrated by the teamwork of the Olympics. Each member of a team has merit, value, and worth- reinforce this to younger family members. Celebrate one another’s successes freely. Cooperation and communication are key in success for the US Olympic team- as well as in life for us all.

  1. Introduces Other Cultures

Watching the Games and the different nations represented could be the gateway for questions and stories regarding other cultures, new places, and future adventures. There are over 200 countries represented at this summer’s Games- pick out flags and challenge your children to identify them! Learn why one sport is included in the Olympics and another is not.

  1. Creates Solidarity through Patriotism

There is something stirringly moving about hearing the National Anthem during the Olympics. Watching with your loved ones can bond you through shared patriotism and the solidarity that comes from pride in your country. Wear your best red, white, and blue and sing along to the Anthem- you know the words!

  1. Inspires You to Dream

Watching the Olympics with your loved one should be considered quality time with your family. Use the Games as a time to bond with your kids and share in a common interest and activity. Ask each other what you would win a gold medal for or if you ever wanted to be an Olympian and why.

Take time out from your busy schedule to watch the Summer Games with your family. There are many integral life lessons that can be learned from the Olympics. Talk to the team at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel S.C. about how they can be part of your championship team.  Find out more here: Who Should Be on Your Championship Team



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