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July 29th, 2021 |

10 apps for new parents

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As a new parent, getting help and quality tips at your fingertips could make all the difference in your parenting choices. There are several parenting apps available to assist you with parenting guides and tips so that you have the resources and information you need for your infant at all times. 

  • 1. What To Expect
    This app starts with mothers during the pregnancy and continues guiding them through the first couple of years of the baby’s life, giving insight to most of the firsts that you experience as a parent. 
  • 2. Baby Tracker
    Keep baby sleep schedules and feedings recorded with the baby tracker to store information when you can’t due to sleep deprivation. 
  • 3. Sound Sleeper
    Get the sleep assistance you need for your baby with white noise, soothing sounds, and an alert to listen for the cries and prompt the sounds. 
  • 4. Milk Maid
    Do you know how much milk your baby is drinking each day? With this app, you are able to keep track and see how your baby’s diet is changing daily, weekly, and monthly. 
  • 5. Peanut
    This app is for the mamas who need that connection with others and can relate to what they are experiencing with new babies. Connect and speak mom-talk with tips and advice through the Peanut app. 
  • 6. The Wonder Weeks
    Are you curious about your baby’s current development and where it should be in terms of growth? With The Wonder Weeks, you can get a weekly update on where your baby should be for milestones and what to expect. 
  • 7. Glow Baby
    If you want information, tips, and a variety of resources for your baby’s first year, Glow Baby is ready to assist you at every turn. 
  • 8. Mom Maps
    When you are out grabbing errands with your baby, locate restaurants, stores, and local parks that are baby-friendly with Mom Maps. 
  • 9. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker
    As a mom, your journey begins during pregnancy. Choose an app that guides you through expectations of changes and resources for any questions you may have. 
  • 10. Feed Safe
    Feel confident when you enjoy that glass of wine while nursing your baby. With feed safe, you can enter your glass time and know when your milk is alcohol-free. 

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