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Want to Feel Freer? Here’s How A Lawyer Can Help

lawyer for estate planningAs Independence Day quickly approaches, being able to celebrate this freedom provides a level of peace and security. Here’s how a Milwaukee Law Firm can help you feel freer year-round. 

Knowledge Is Freedom

Attempting to manage your estate and/or business without legal counsel can hold you captive from all the information available to you. 

“You can represent yourself but you can also do your own dentistry.” Abraham Lincoln

Knowing your rights and options for trusts and wills impacts your intent vs. how your estate is dispersed. You need to know what you can list in your Wisconsin will and who your witnesses can be when it is time to sign and make that document legally binding. 

For business owners having an attorney can help you understand the impact that different types of business structures have in terms of liability and taxes.  With a trusted law firm as your partner, you will be free from wondering if you are protected.

Stay Free With An Updated Plan

Even if you have an estate plan you are able to make changes as you see fit and necessary and it is important to do so periodically even if things haven’t changed. After five years or so, important legal documents can come into question more often because most people experience some type of significant change in their life around that duration.  In order to ensure what you have documented is what you still intend and for any changes to be honored properly, they need to be applied and documented correctly so that they are legal and will not be disputed when you may not be able to clarify your intent.

For business owners as your business grows and evolves employees more people, or expands locations you may find that a different business structure may be more beneficial from a liability or tax benefit perspective.  A law firm with expertise in working with small business owners can help you navigate these changes, connect you to other trusted resources like a CPA or Financial Advisor and proactively suggest opportunities that may benefit your continued business success. 

Reduce Stress in Complex Situations

In order to get to a more stress-free feeling, having a law firm as a partner for your family and business is critical.  Life has a way of changing when we least expect it and having a team on your side that knows you, your family and your business, is ready to act when you need them, and is proactively looking out for you can make all the difference.  

You might not even feel you need legal assistance today but having a law firm on-call can save you time, money and provide the peace of mind to be freer.  At McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel, we have attorneys to assist all of your needs. In addition to Estate and Business planning, we represent those in need of a Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney, or even Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney. Contact us today for more information. 

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