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Planning Your Wedding is a Piece of Cake Compared to your Real Life

marriageOne of the biggest plans you will make in your life is your wedding, especially if it is the second one. Round two for weddings should be a time to celebrate and truly embrace the bond from merging two families. While you are working on preparing for the second marriage, you may want to meet with a Milwaukee Family Attorney or Estate Planning Attorney before the marriage is finalized. 

Updating Estate Plans

Prior to the second marriage, you may have an estate plan established based upon circumstances and your family circle at that time. If you are planning a second marriage, you will need to begin updating estate plans to include your new spouse and any dependents that you will adopt as a result of this marriage. 

These are all things you can inherit as a new spouse. 

Adjust Inheritance and Assets

One of the biggest issues found in second marriages is the concern around inheritance. If you are planning to leave your estate to your children from the first marriage, you will need to have this outlined especially when planning your estate. 

When it comes to assets acquired during your new marriage, they are considered community property and will be left as the property of your spouse. However, the property you owned prior to the marriage is considered sole property and that property can be listed as separate in your estate if you intend to leave it to your children.

Let Us Assist You With Your Estate Planning

If you are looking to make adjustments or just meet with an Estate Planning Attorney in Milwaukee to see what your options are, we can help. Contact us at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel today for more information and to schedule your consultation. 


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