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How to Organize Your Legal Documents like an Olympian

organize legal documentsWith the Olympics, we are all thinking of ways to be better and up to our game. Organizing your legal documents may seem like an insurmountable feat, but with the right tips, you can do it and be a champ! There is a huge range of legal documents that you may have at home and your lawyer may also have copies. While your attorney may have copies of your records you should always make sure you have a secure copy.

Organize By Type

Keeping items organized by type is the best way to be able to easily and quickly recall where you put things and to get the documents you need in order. Your lawyer will help you get any necessary copies that you might want to have on hand so that you can be well organized when the time comes, and you need your documents.  If you don’t know where your documents are i.e., a will or power of attorney it may likely be time to create a new or revised one.  Typically, you want to update these documents at least every five to seven years anyway. A Menomonee Falls attorney can help you obtain the documents you need.

Keeping documents that are of a like type together can make finding them simple.  It can also help you to be certain what copies you have and what copies you need, and it can help make it easy for your family to find these documents later down the road when they need them. Keeping tax returns together, deeds to your home, child custody and support papers, legal proceedings and more together can keep them from getting mixed up and from losing documents in the shuffle.

If you are struggling with getting your legal documents in order, McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel is a fantastic partner that can help you with ensure you have the right documents to ensure you peace of mind.

How to Store Documents

You might need to consider more factors than just how you would organize any document, as you’ll also need to consider in what format you store documents. As many documents are becoming digital, does that mean you should store your documents digitally?

For many of your general documents, digital storage might make the most sense, as digital documents are easy to find and access. Be careful about storing important legal documents digitally, however. For one, you never know how safe and secure your computer is against theft or data breeches. For another, you might need the original notarized signatures on physical documents. If you have questions about this, you can ask an estate planning lawyer in Wisconsin.

Who Should Have Legal Documents?

In many circumstances, there should be multiple people who have access to a copy of your legal documents. For example, we usually recommend that a copy of guardianship paperwork be sent to the named guardian. Sharing your Health Care Power of Attorney with your health care provider is also helpful.  A trusted attorney can help you determine who should have access to which documents.

If you have any other questions about legal documents, you can ask the estate planning lawyers at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel.



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