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Summer in Law: What You Should Know

summer crimeMany people look forward to the summer. However, the summer brings not only joys but also challenges, particularly when it comes to the law. Three areas of the law that tend to peak during the summer include business matters, criminal defense/civil litigation issues, and personal injuries.

There are many seasonal businesses that offer services or products that are only used during a certain time of the year, such as the summer. Some examples include lawn care companies, summer camps, and amusement parks. For these businesses because they aren’t operating year-round and also tend to employ seasonal workers accidents are more likely to occur. As a business owner you want to make sure you are protected and have the proper business liability insurance.

In addition, crime rates tend to rise during the summer. Burglaries, household larceny, household property victimization, and serious violent crimes are more common in the summer than during other seasons. There are a few reasons for this. Windows and doors to homes are left open more often, and homeowners are often at home less often when the weather is nice. Additionally, it is possible that more people are uncomfortable in overly warm temperatures, which can lead to aggression. Because of this, it is more common for someone to need a criminal defense or civil litigation lawyer in the summer.

Summer also brings an uptick in personal injury incidents largely because outdoor recreational accidents at the pool, the beach, summer camps, the playground, and more simply become more common in summer. Improper safety measures at summer camp, pool accidents, and many other mishaps can increase the general need for personal injury lawyers during the summer.

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