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Motorcycle Awareness Month

motorcycle awarenessThe month of May has been recognized as Motorcycle Awareness month since 1997 when organizations with an interest in maintaining motorcycle safety began to combine their resources to educate the public. The National Public Awareness Campaign (NHTSA) organization was formed and several events are held across the United States in the month of May to provide information about how to ride a motorcycle on the road safely. We know many of in our Wisconsin community love their bikes and unfortunately we’ve seen all too often the danger that can be associated with bikes so we are passionate about promoting safety for motorcyclist. Here are several ways you can stay safe while enjoying the open road.

The Charm and Freedom

The motorcycle has always had a certain charm for many people. The sense of freedom it offers, the adrenaline rush, and even its ease of riding in tight spaces have made it a popular vehicle. However, its use is also usually riskier for the health, safety, and wellbeing of its riders. Whether you take your motorcycle on a daily basis or if you are one of those who enjoy making weekend getaways, caution is very important when riding as indicated by one Wisconsin motorcycle injury attorney.

The Solution

A good solution is to make riding a motorcycle safer. Wisconsin personal injury attorneys pointed out that motorcyclist can take some simple steps to reduce risks to their health such as:

• Always wear a helmet.
• Drive with caution, always on the defensive.
• Never exceed the speed limit.
• Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.
• No more than one passenger should be carried
• Ride in a straight line, without zigzags that invite a collision with a nearby vehicle
• Respect street signs and stops signs
• Never ride under the influence of alcohol

When taking a companion, explain that he/she must sit with his/her knees pressing the chassis and always keep his/her feet on the supports. In addition to always wearing a helmet and reminding you as the rider that your hands should be on the handles of the motorcycle, not on the rider’s body, as it limits the ability to maneuver.

See a Lawyer

If you have been injured when riding a motorcycle, you could be eligible for fair compensation under the law and that is why it is best to see a Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorney like McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel to discuss details of the accident and what can be done to get you compensated.

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