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Patient Safety Week – Tips to Watch for to Ensure We are all cared for

health careMarch 14th through the 20th is patient safety awareness week. It is an annual event designed to encourage everyone to think more about health care safety. Most people think of hospitals and care facilities as places where people go when they are injured or too ill and debilitated to care for themselves. The unfortunate fact is that these places are too often the center of illness, accident, and disease. Nursing home residents are especially vulnerable to such incidents. If you have a loved one in a home, you should use this week to think and reflect on the conditions in which they live.

Some studies suggest that as many as 400,000 deaths occur in healthcare settings each year in the U.S. because of preventable accidents. You can do your part to reduce such incidents by looking out for the signs of neglect or abuse in your loved one’s nursing home.

If your parents, grandparents, or other elderly relatives are being harmed or not properly looked after, they may not tell you directly. It is up to you to detect the tell-tale signs. If you see marks that cannot be explained on your visit or smell a stench emanating from your loved one, it is a sign that they are being ill-treated. This is all the evidence you need to get a Menomonee personal injury attorney involved. Such a lawyer will investigate the conditions of the nursing home and gather the facts necessary to file a lawsuit.

You may also need to bring in a full services firm to protect the financial interests of your loved one. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are not the only threats to your loved one’s well-being. They can also be conned out of money or have hard-earned wealth stolen from them.

McLario Helm Bertling and Spiegel prides itself on being a law firm for life. Contacting the firm will put you in touch with a Menomonee business lawyer and Menomonee estate planning lawyer who can help you protect the interests of your loved one’s estate.

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